The Darker Side of the Light 15 of 20

This is the fifteenth of twenty blogs where one of my readers has asked for clarification from the Source about the darker issues we experience, or believe we experience, on Earth.

Q:  If a part of the Source Entity came from a higher frequency and dimension to incarnate on Earth and lead a life of choices that lowered its frequencies where would this part of the Source Entity return to after earth life. If the answer is at the same frequency currently vibrating (hellish realm) then what can be done by this Entity to instantly return to its Source Entity to escape the lower realm. What I’m trying to say is no one wants to experience a hellish environment but due to our ignorance we tend to bind ourselves with karma and end up in low frequencies. Is there a quick fix to get out of that situation?

SE: There is no need for a quick fix. Even with Karmic content attached to the Aspect and its subsequent attraction/addiction to lower frequency thoughts, desires and sensory stimulation, the Aspect (Soul) still returns to the True Energetic Self (Over Soul, Higher Self, God Head) at the frequency level that it has reached as a result of its evolution. That being, it does not stay in the lower frequencies.

Upon its return To the True Energetic Self the Aspect reviews its performance within its incarnate existence which includes how it accrued its Karmic content. It then decides how it can incarnate again and work to remove the predisposition to low frequency thoughts, desires and sensory stimulation. It is only once an incarnation can be experienced without accruing Karmic content, and with previously accrued Karmic content being addressed, that the Aspect can actively move away from the need to incarnate.


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  1. Hi Guy: Thanks for this great piece that explains how and why incarnate in our physical (3D) world. What about our karma at higher frequency levels in the physical universe? Can that be worked out here in the physical world (Earth) or does it require incarnation at the specific frequency band (or physical universe location) where that karma exists? Please explain. Thanks, Ulla

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