Sneak Preview of Early Dialogue With The Origin in “The Origin Speaks”

Dear Souls,

I have added a sneak preview of some of the text for the book I am currently working on, “The Origin Speaks”. Click on this link to take a look. Also is a YouTube link to public reading I gave or similar information during a fee session in a “Traversing the Frequencies” workshop.




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  1. acovid says:

    Javi se ja! Poznam Alexove intervjuje iz 90ih, zelo zelo zanimivi so. Nekaj podobnega je Tolec, ki pa je novejsega datuma, pojavil se je pred par leti. Tole je njegova spletna stran:

    Pozdrav, Aco

  2. both of your earlier books are really very good. I am awaiting eagerly your book the Origin Speaks” when this book (approximately) will be released and available for purchase in amazon ??
    . Later once your writing these books work is finished ( so that not to distract you) I will send you the links of couple of other channeled books which gives overview of infinity and various other creators and creations…the kind of books you are writing and I will be sharing later are very rare to find..keep up the this good work of writing these precious books.

    • Dear Prashant,

      Thank you for your kind words. The Origin Speaks will take another 18 months I feel. However, Beyond the Source-book 2 should be available in May/June 2013. It is another step beyond book 1 and gives truth seekers a feeling of what is in store for them in The Origin Speaks. I rarely read other people books these days as I am concerned that I may sub-conciously store the info. however, I would be interested in these books if they are rare (and old) I have some 100+ year old yoga books and every time I dip into them I pick up something that correlates with the information I am receiving. Blessings my friend

      • Thanks Guy for giving approx dates ,I am eagerly awaiting reading these books as I have deep passion for metaphysics and infinity.
        I am putting links for table of content for couple of books which has same frequency as yours but give high level overview and not as detailed description of various universes you channeled though various it is complimenting your work.
        you can glance the table of content of these books channeled by shaman Robert Shapiro
        The Explorer Race: The Creators and Friends Mechanics of Creation
        The Explorer Race: Council of Creators
        these book channels (samples) several creator from various creations, some of the creators channeled in the books include creator of Void (unmanifest, emptiness) , creators who can create other creators, creator of space ,creator of plasma energy , creator gold and white light , creator of human form, synchronizer of dimensions, creator of discomfort energy, creator of feelings etc. and several specialists and master creator from other creations .
        can you ask if origin is aware of these other creators channeled in explorer series books ?
        As per these books ,there are several billion/trillion creators and creations present and experiencing/exploring/merging in these almost infinite number of creations beyond our current imagination and exploring/creating/expanding all variations of these various creations is the purpose of our existence ( in far future)
        so these books are also expanding the scope/purpose of our creation to infinity.
        .. since origin can quickly grasp the content of these explorer series books , origin can comment on the various creators and contents which are presented in these explorer series books which are expanding our purpose beyond origin itself.
        I am sure other readers of your books will also enjoy reading these books.

        Thanks & regards

        • Dear Prashant, The Origin tells me that every energetic entity, incarnate or not, is a creator in its own right, that is why we were created, to create that which we need to experience to learn and evolve. It also tells me that although some of these creators specified in the books identified, none can exist beyond the Origin (beyond the Origins area of self awareness that is). Unless it is a Source Entity, (at the moment) some can exist beyond the Source Entity they are associated with but they must be part of the original manifestation. As with everyone who is in contact with the greater reality, they can only gain access to that which they are capable of working with, hence the creators channeled in the explorer series are only a small part of the greater reality, as that which I channel is. We, in our human form, can never assimilate anything but a very small fraction of the concepts and knowledge surrounding the greater reality so we need to take that which feels right and use it as the part of the jigsaw puzzle that it is, and try as best we can to generate some limited but broad band understanding of the greater reality whilst incarnate, if not for our own understanding, for the benefit of others at least.

          • Thanks Guy for your precise reply. Now I can co-relate the explorer series books and the channeled work you are doing. so it means there are more than source entities in Origin
            and apart from the SE there may be other creations/entities which are present in origin ..I hope there will be some chapter(s) in “origin speaks” or in other upcoming books which will cover other creations/entities/universes and their wisdom other than 12 SE you channeled so far. and it will give some overview to humanity to expand their vision which your books are doing.

            I am planning to write good review for your book “beyond the source” part 1 in coming days. as currently there no reviews of this in people who has read your “history of God book” for them it is wonderful book to read for expanding knowledge on other creations in other Source Entities (SE) and it further expand our view of different dimensions/life and creations in those SE’s.

            Thanks & regards
            Bangalore ,India

          • Hi Prashant, Thank you. I feel that you will be delighted with the material in Beyond the Source Book 2! for it explains a bit more about the Om! and whats more, the other six Source Entities are much more complex from my perspective that the first six, that possibly why I was allowed to communicate with them first. Blessings my friend.

  3. Vimal Shankara says:

    You are the Great GUY that just floats & swims into the vast Ocans & infinite Space past Galaxies, Supernovas, Black &white Holes and hovers over the Earth and slides into Billions of incarnates hearts just sweeping everyone who reads & pores into your grand books regarding ORIGION, SOURCE. ENTITIES, GOD.I have been in persuit of Absolute Truth from 1967 reading,studying Hindu scriptures,meeting spiritual gurus,doing CONTEMPLATION,doing Kriayoga lessons….then doing deep contemplations and writing’s from 2004 for 7yrs about Supreme One.But in2015 I came across you .That radically changed and shaped my whole concept about GOD in my 67 summers .All our Hindu scriptures do not refer about CREATOR,SOURCe & the ABSOLUTE ORIGION .It refers to ‘Jeev,Atma,Parmatma,and Ishvara/God.Our Hindu Scriptures, Yogshastras,Saints ,Gurus,Yogis lack the understandings &Dept s,and those who were aware were not sure ….result for millions of years incarnates humans languished in misconceptions and as a consequence suffered mentally & physically by toutures ,conflicts,battals, and wars drivevn by beastly lust for sex,money and power more & and endless hungar for it for millions of yrs raining & fanning atrocities. ever around keeping all and sundry in subjugation. To my great Guy Needler I must communicate one of my contemplations reference that All Creation is preceeded by preconceived percieved notion and designs as I understood in my deep contemplations. Therefore ORIGION must have mastered it also I presume and then acted upon it too.Ihe other aspect is ORIGION structure must also have been pre conceived not by ORIGION but by FORMLESS Ones that preconcieve through Partical/Subparticles etc for the Grand purpose of Creation through ORIGION as such and for that purpose begin The Procss of Creation by manifesting Eventspace .The catch being that Supreme One remains incognito to ALL the Unmanefested FORMLESS and Cosmos, and to the Event space,Particals ….!?? But all said and done,we bear the brunt for millions of yrs ! Is evolution such a shoddy process that ORIGION+Source Entities devices & designed .Of course they could have done better than this ! Is there no other process other that evolutionary concept because it a debasing procedure to me it is cruel and heartless & redundant policy .Karma looks more weird and unbecoming of the stature of ORIGION and SE.. Are these their besrpt bets.And is Light ,DARKNESS also the best bet of ORIGION etc too to formulate and begin creation… Guy I donot think so there has to be much other aspects and better options .Love All Hue-Manities guys!!

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