Robust Programmable Psychic Shield Correspondence Course

Dear Souls,

I have been developing a number of correspondence courses over the last few months and the first one has just become available.

The Robust programmable Psychic Shield is the result of 4 years work where I have worked with energies and developed a method of creating an all inclusive but programmable psychic shield that is capable of being expanded and tuned to do any form of protection from Psychic or lower energetic entity based attack or influence. I have used this with my students and patients with excellent results and instant relief from attack or energy drain.

Follow this link to see details and ways to purchase:

The introduction to the course is below:

Theory behind ‘Creating a Psychic Shield’

You do not need to have any previous experience of meditation or spiritual/psychic practice. This course is designed to teach you how to create a Robust, Programmable and Expandable Psychic Shield.

A Psychic Shield is needed by individuals who are becoming ‘Aware’ and ‘Awake’, but are unable to defend themselves from various invasions of energies, such as from

  • Work colleagues
  • Partners


  • People outside of their workplace, including family and friends

 In essence a Psychic Shield is required when:

  • Someone’s energy ‘hooks’ onto another’s, or when energy projections and thought forms are trying to steal energy
  • Or when another’s energy is trying to enter into the energy fields surrounding the human body
  • An example is ‘having an experience of being with someone who totally drains you, where you feel exhausted after being with them’
  • An astral entity is taking your energy

This can occur

  • On a random basis
  • When there is a desire to steal or remove energy
  • Or when control of another individual is desired

This course will therefore teach you how to create a protective Psychic Shield using the first 10 Levels of Energy associated with the human form.

This level of Psychic Shield deals with up to 99.9% of intrusions into the human energy field.

  • However if you feel (intuition) that more levels are required to enhance your Psychic Shield, then more levels of energy can be added



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