Is the Physical Location of the Planets Significant Evidence of Ascension?

In short no, but let’s understand why.

Location and alignment of the planets is not relevant from the perspective of ascension. What is relevant is the frequential location or alignment of that which is evolving.

Physical location is simply a location based upon the mathematics of the natural movement of a number of planets’ physical representations around each other relative to a known datum. For instance; there is some conjecture that the planets rotate around a great central sun, whilst others state that it is a black hole and that the alignment of the earth in respect to either datum is significant.  The issue here is that it is neither, the lack of ability to agree on what is at the center of the galaxy being a clue to its lack of relevance in terms of ascension.

The physical universe is a single “full” dimensional environment constructed from 3 sub-dimensional components and 12 frequency bands all compacted into one multi-frequency environment. What we see, the gross physical, is only three of these “lower” frequencies, frequencies that are mostly unseen by the human eye. As the location of the gross physical is a frequential location, it or some parts of it, are exposed to higher frequencies as a result of the work of energetic entities, who  are succeeding in their work to gain evolutionary content through incarnate existence.

The ascension of the physical is then in reality expansion into the higher frequencies, and what is important is the position of the physical within the frequencies, not its location within the physicality.

From an ascension based perspective then, an optimal frequential location is where the lower aspect of a higher frequency is in an overlapping condition with the higher aspect of a lower frequency, allowing that in the higher aspect of the lower frequency to ascend into the lower aspect of the higher frequency. As we ascend the frequencies we become aligned with these higher frequencies and gain access to the functions associated with them. It’s like tuning a radio into the higher frequencies of its dial. When we align the dial to a frequency we hear a radio station, the radio station being the function of that frequency.

Higher frequencies however, don’t “come” to the earth in “waves”, they are always there. It’s our intention to work in higher frequencies and therefore give ourselves access to the functions associated with higher frequencies, using them as a stepping stone to even higher frequencies that allows us to ascend. All of this creates evolutionary content.

Although evolution can be understood as personal growth in its raw sense, it is nevertheless accrued in a linear way. Even though evolution can be either directional or spherical, whilst being frequential, multi-dimensional, zonal, etc., in morphology or nature, it can progress in an exponential way provided it is worked on in a linear fashion.

As one experiences more, learns more and evolves more, one is able to experience more in more ways, simultaneous ways, multiple ways, multi-modal ways. The spherical aspect of evolution is the multi-modal aspect of evolution where multiple experiences can be convoluted in their connectivity whilst still providing linear evolution.

All of this however, is based upon a standard model of evolution;

Experiencing + Learning = Increased Evolutionary Content (ultimately progression)

The Origin is always looking to create new multi-modal models to accelerate its own evolution, and in essence we, incarnate mankind, are part of a multi-modal model of evolution. Just as the Origin created the Source Entities as part of a multi-modal model to accelerate its evolution, so our Source Entity created our true energetic selves as a multi-modal model to accelerate its own evolution. Experiencing existence in the gross physical “incarnate” vehicle is one such path of accelerated evolution through a multi-modal model.

In essence then, “we are” the Source Entities method of multi-modal evolution, and in-turn our Source Entity is one of the Origins models of multi-modal evolution – its process for ascension. This process for ascension is therefore not aligned to the location of planetary bodies within a physical universe, but is instead associated with the frequential location or alignment of that which is evolving.  


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