Count Your Blessings, For you are Blessed Everyday

Think of yourself as being blessed every second of the day you are incarnate.

Wonder at the beauty of the environment around you, of the synchronicity of events that occur at the right time, the unconditional love of the babies you have given birth to and the animals you have as companions.

If we open our eyes and see that everything that is placed in front of us, is there to allow us to experience the simplicity of our creators creations, and that it is especially for us, then we should consider ourselves as being blessed indeed.

Every time you stop and wonder at something, make a note of it, count it, because this is the time that you are being shown something important – that you are here under the grace of God and that you are divinely blessed.


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  1. Eva says:

    For me it was the biggest blessing the day when I realized that everything what was happening to me, is “my fault” and that I agreed with all those tests, life brought to me, before entering into this life.
    From that time I see blessings in almost everything, even it’s not so easy from time to time 🙂
    Knowing you and many other wonderful people makes me divinley blessed.

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