Avoiding Karma Revisited– 88

Infatuation is a significantly stronger from of attachment. It is to be totally engrossed in the physicality of another to the point of almost perfect distraction. This includes ignoring the need to service the activities that one is responsible for, specifically when one is in the physical presence of the focus of the infatuation.

Infatuation is, and can be disguised by love. When one feels that one is in love and not in infatuation, one is blind to its damaging effects. The only antidote in this instance is to first and foremost be in divine love and not in human love, which transcends the attraction to the physical condition, removing the opportunity for attracting karma.

Neither attachment nor Infatuation can be sustained when one is in divine love, for when one is in divine love one is in tune with all things and all things are in tune with one. When one is in divine love one realizes the transient state of the physical, with all its attractions and addictions, and is therefore unaffected by such low frequency lures.

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