World Satsanga Trilogy Publication – Book 2 – Questions and Channelled Answers (A-M)

Dear Souls,
I am delighted to announce that the second book of the Word Satsanga Trilogy,
Transcribed, Compiled and edited by Ulla Sarmiento, is now in publication and
can be procured through via the links below.

Kindle Version
The book
is free for Kindle Unlimited Subscribers!

Paperback Version

The Greater Reality is Explained!

For over ten years the World Satsanga has created a compendium of knowledge about the Universe, the Multiverse and beyond. It was brought to this Earth as a result of a small number of truth seekers attending a world-wide monthly meeting held over Skype, gaining knowledge through the authors lectures and channeled responses to their questions.
This book of transcribed questions and answers, in alphabetical order (A-M), is the second of a collection of works that broadcasts new knowledge to the metaphysical & spiritual public of a depth and detail never seen before.
This book answers questions on the following subjects:
·      Addiction
·      Bipolarism
·      Chakras and Energetic Templates
·      Channeling
·      The Council of Twelve
·      Curators (Maintenance Entities)
·      Disease Conditions
·      Dreams
·      Free Will
·      Interdimensional Travel
·      Karma
·      Life Plans
·      Manifestation
And much more!!



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