World Satsanga held on Wednesday 26th April 2023 In collaboration with Kevin Moore and The Kevin Moore Show

Dear Souls,

Please find below a link to the recording of the World Satsanga held on 26th April 2023 which is now broadcast in association with Kevin Moore of The Kevin Moore Show ( The World Satsanga is broadcast on my YouTube Channel

Below is the YouTube Short URL

The lecture on guidance how to take evolutionary shortcuts by increasing evolutionary content via parallel existence


The link to the Q&A chat is here.

World Satsanga 26 04 2023 Q and A Chat 

The Meditation provides a way to be more connected allowing us to realize that everything happens concurrently, tap into it as a function of beingness and therefore make the decisions that are efficient from an evolutionary perspective.

Here is the Link to The articles I wrote about my understanding of some of Dolores Cannons work including the “New Earth”. 

This series of three short blogs is designed to celebrate The life of Dolores Cannon

Here is the link to the Chakra Opening Exercises which a beneficial in these low frequency times.

Chakra Opening Exercises PDF
Chakra Opening Exercises Audio

Below is the link to the World Satsanga Index of Meditations and Lectures.

Meditations and Lectures 

Below is the link to the World Satsanga Archive.

World Satsanga Archive

Below is the link to the Lecture Slides


Below is the links to my YouTube videos.

Guy Steven Needler

Guy Needler



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