Why Settle for Physical Reality when you can Experience the Greater Reality

Due to our loss of connectivity with our True Energetic Self (Over Soul, Higher Self, God Head) the aspect of us (the Soul) that is projected into the physical body considers that this is all it is and subsequently associates itself with the physical body. It becomes the physical body. Everything that is physical is therefore associated with the physical body as the environment it exists within.

This association is self-perpetuated as action and reaction, experience and evidence of experience are overlaid upon each other creating a belief system based upon physical feed-back only, which is therefore limited to the physical and the senses of the physical body. It is so strong that it convinces us that we are the physical and not something bigger.

We respond to stimuli within the physical environment as physical beings and not energetic beings, temporarily projecting an aspect of ourselves into the lower frequencies of the multiverse and using a physical body to ensure we maximize our experience by immersing ourselves within vehicles that operate and interface fully with low frequency environments. We become satisfied that this environment and those we interface with is what we are, it becomes our ‘Reality’.

If we can separate out our association with the physical by exposing ourselves to the silence of meditation, allowing ourselves to tune into our energetic senses using our will, our intension, our intuition and devoted dedication to continuous practice of meditation we will be rewarded with exposure to a ‘Greater Reality’. This greater reality is beyond the physical, having no physical limitations, indeed no limitations at all. Whilst accessing this greater reality we re-establish contact with our True Energetic Self, its true environment and its true unlimited ability, including proof that we are one with our Source, our Creator, our God.

So why Settle for Physical Reality when you can Experience the Greater Reality, unlimited ability and oneness with God.

Meditate upon it!


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  1. Chris Woods says:

    Thanks Guy, will share it Namaste. Date: Thu, 17 Oct 2013 12:45:25 +0000 To: chriswoods@live.co.uk

  2. Verona Thompson says:

    Excellent article. Gives one much to think about.

  3. Verona Thompson says:

    Guy, I tried to send a reply as directed on this article. (It is a good article and I appreciated it.) It will not accept my reply stating that my email is not correct. I see that following my email there is something that is tagged onto it. Don’t know where that came from. Is there a way I can change that email address ? I don’t think I can do it from here. But I will keep trying. Verona

  4. Verona Thompson says:

    Guy, just got it fixed so my comment went through. It was a short modification of the original just to see if I could make it work. Don’t know how the original got changed but it is ok now. There is much to share with you. All good! I will get back to you soon. Verona

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