What is the Ego

The experiences stored within the energies that are associated with the gross and spirituo-physicality of the human body (the seven frequency levels associated with the Chakras and the Human Aura), create a lower grade copy of the identity of the aspect (soul), and ultimately a separately functioning personality called the ego.

The ego is that which most incarnates refer to as the “self” the “I am”.

Once the incarnate aspect starts to think along the lines of the ego being the self, everything else is created in separation from that which the incarnate aspect really is, an energy projection from the True Energetic Self (God Head, Over Soul, Higher Self), the energy that makes us an individualized unit of God, of the Source Entity.

Somewhere during the process of the creation of the ego it becomes self-aware, and, recognizing its own transient position, does everything it can to perpetuate its existence. This includes “hiding” the underlying knowledge of the True Energetic Self, so that the aspect does not become self-aware whilst incarnate and dissolve the ego in the light of self-realization before the demise of the human body.

The ego is dissolved at the point of the demise of the human body, irrespective of its efforts to perpetuate its own existence, which are of course futile.


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  1. Hi Guy,
    In your view, does the ego (lower self) really have any true free will? Noel Huntley has likened the ego (lower self) to a dog on a long leash held by the owner (higher self). The owner determines the path they take, but the dog has some apparent free will to explore things, and the dog can even get into mischief, while ignoring the owner’s tugs on the leash. Other teachers say that the ego was specifically created to experience separation from Source and everyone else, to have that unique individual perspective with a limited existence using all kinds of filters and programs to create that illusion for a reason. And others say that the ego shouldn’t be scorned or blamed, because it is our greatest teacher, that has served us (higher self) lifetime after lifetime through the highest highs and the lowest lows in terms of human incarnate experiences, which the higher self planned for the lower self to experience or suffer through in the flesh. Did the ego agree to this or was it set up, unaware or unconsciously agreeing to something it didn’t even understand, while the higher self remains simply as the observer/organizer of lives, yet ascends in part on the basis of the evolutionary content provided by the ego/lower self? Your thoughts? Thanks!

    • Hi, The ego is created as a result of the near separation of the incarnate aspect (soul) and the True Energetic Self (TES) due to incarnating into frequencies so low that the necessary communicative band width is lost. This is a temporary condition. The ego is a temporary personality that is created from this condition our of the energies of the incarnating aspect. The TES still records the experiences of the incarnate aspect but its ability to communicate with it is poor to zero at best. This is the same in reverse for the incarnating aspect. Once in this condition we think we are the ego, and as such we are, until we, through diligent practice of higher frequency activities and experiences increase our frequential levels to those where we gain higher frequency functionality and connectivity. Once we have this the ego starts to dissolve naturally because we start to recognize who and what we are and start to respond and behave in a way that is consistent to the higher frequency levels. so to answer your questions directly, Noel Huntley’s explanation is reasonable. The ego wasn’t created by the TES it is a function of separation resulting from low frequency communicative ability, and as an individual personality it deals with its environment in the best way it can. The ego should not be scorned or blamed but we should recognize why it it there and work on ourselves to dissolve it. The ego didn’t agree to anything, it just “is” a temporary state of ULTRA LIMITED consciousness which dissolves as we ascend the frequencies and gain access to who and what we really are as a result. I hope this helps in your understanding. Blessings Guy

      • Thank you your helpful reply. Many spiritual practices are geared towards eliminating the ego. But some teachings go further to differentiate between a “true personality,” which the higher self uses to accomplish its tasks and express itself on the physical plane and which is essential to survival in a body (it dies when the body dies) vs. a “false personality” (ego), an illusory vehicle governed mostly by fear, that believes it is separate and all there is and tries to run the show with its mechanical, reactive, low acting ways, although it is not at all necessary to survival. It is said that if the Personality chooses something consciously with awareness and intent, then their Essence (higher self) is present and involved. In your view, is this differentiation of true vs. false personality valid? Or would you consider both to be part of the “ego,” as you describe it above? Thanks for further clarification.

        • The True Personality is the personality of the True Energetic Self – [TES] (Higher Self, Over Soul, God Head – which ever you choose to use – they are all the same thing). this is always available to those who are awake and self-realized in some limited capacity. It is not available to most though. It can observe what is being actioned by the Ego (false and temporary personality) and in the self realized person affect the directions taken by the ego, indeed the self aware person has little or no ego because they operate on a higher frequency level, dissolving the ego in the process. The definition of true verses false personality is not totally correct in my understanding because the true personality is the TES’s and does not die when the body dies. False personality – the Ego dies with the body. In effect it is the ego in most peoples incarnate condition that is what we interface with on a daily basis. Thank you for your request for clarification. Blessings Guy

  2. Chris Woods says:

    Awesome. Will share. So full self relation is the death of ego per say? At SE 12 where it takes you to the six points of the Origin. Reactive intention just awesome and so are you 🙂 Date: Thu, 31 Oct 2013 21:21:28 +0000 To: chriswoods@live.co.uk

  3. Verona Thompson says:

    Hi Guy, Thanks for sending this on the Ego. If the Ego is only dissolved when the human body dies, then I’m thinking that we must be taking the Ego with us when we ascend because we are taking our bodies with us into ascension. Therefore we must find a way to keep the Ego where it belongs right about NOW. Probably a good topic to be tackling. Seems to me there is a good reason for the Ego if it is kept in the right perspective. Thanks for getting us thinking.

    Love, Verona

    • Good question, as we ascend though, we start to gain access to higher frequency functionality, which includes an improvement in communication between the incarnate aspect and the True Energetic Self, so when this happens the ego starts to naturally dissolve or has a much lower level of control because the ego was created by low/no communication between the aspect and the True Energetic Self in the first place and with this no longer being the case its existence is threatened. Hence the negative back lash around the world as we ascend the frequencies, it is all of those egos trying to survive. Blessings Guy

  4. Maria Goretti says:

    Hello Guy, just wanted to say keep up the great work. I always look forward to your posts and try to never miss an interview. It is happening. I am finally getting it. Take care and God bless.

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