What is Prana or Life Force

The following article was channelled as a result of a dear friend asking what Prana or Life Force really is.

Prana or life force is an aspect of free energy; it is that which the physical vehicle uses on all its frequency levels to perpetuate its existence. One can also call it Ki or Chi. Free energy is an energy that pervades the Origin and therefore the Source Entity and its multiverse. It is energy that hasn’t been given function and is therefore always available for use. Free energy is also attracted to the possibility for evolution. From our perspective, one needs to understand that the human form is designed to use this energy in isolation, not needing to metabolise energy from the gross physical.

The human form assimilates free energy in the higher frequencies associated with it, these frequency levels being 8, 9, & 10. It is part of the structure of the human form whilst not being part of it. The Chakras work by funnelling it down to useable energies that the human form can work with. Because the Chakras have vortices that deal with a different frequency set, each Chakra is therefore associated with, and therefore predominantly represented on, the auric layer and the subsequent energies that they are aligned to. So the Base chakra, the first Chakra, is associated with the first auric layer and the associated energies, and the crown chakra, the seventh chakra, is associated with the seventh auric layer and the associated energies. Those Chakras and auric layers in-between the first and seventh are subsequently associated with their relative auric layers energetically and frequentially as well.

Although the Chakras bring in all these energies separately, they create a composite energy, made up from all those energies received by the chakras, that can be used by the human form, in all its gross physical and spirituophysical aspects. Levels 8, 9 & 10 (not yet recognised by many spiritualists) can cope with “raw” free energy, but the gross physical needs to work with energy of a certain tolerance. The Chakras therefore create this “composite energy” almost like a new energy for the physical human form to work with, to move the muscles, energize organs and provide longevity to assist with the varying parts of the human form that are not grossly physical. The human life force is therefore a composite energy of a certain frequential band width that is created by the Chakras from the energies associated with the 7 energy levels associated with the gross physical and the spirituophysical aspects of the human form.

Free energy is the same no matter where it is in the Origin, or any of its creations, including its creations “creations”. It is inside and outside of everything; it fills the gaps, it is there to provide substance. It has always been in existence, and was there when the Origin started to gain its rudimentary intelligence.

Free energy is totally recyclable, it can never run out and although we use it, it never gets used. Using it and creating function  with it, regenerates it. It is like having an electric motor that drives a pulley that rotates an alternator, which generates enough electricity to power the motor and cope with the inherent losses in the system and subsequently rotate the alternator to create electricity to power the motor. It is like a potential energy machine. It is an energy which can never be used up – ever, because it is always there. The process of using it creates it, it is self-correcting and self-organising.

As a singular energy free energy has a level of rudimental intelligence, an intelligence that makes it want to be part of itself, even though it is everywhere, pervading “All That Is”.  It is a form of consciousness, although limited in its application. It is one of the basic building blocks of that which is the Origin. It can be separated out, but in doing that, it is also recreated. It is part of the Origins structure, it is never actually lost.

This aspect of free Energy has both consciousness and sentience. Its consciousness is the attractivity to self and the recreation of self when used. The energy that is used when free energy itself is being used, i.e. by the muscles and the organs etc., – electricity, is a by-product of its use and a trigger to recreate it. Its sentience and structure is such that it is a fundamental component part of the Origin, and therefore, as a result, it maintains the sentient, self-aware intelligence that is the Origin.

A human body therefore cannot function without this life force energy. When that aspect of our true energetic self moves away from the human form to return to oneness, and the human form subsequently demises, all of the free energy, the life force or Prana that is associated with the human form removes itself, and recycles itself, because it is attracted to “itself”. So all of the energetic structure that was part of the human form, the plexuses, the hara, the chakras (major, minor and mini), the auric layers the meridians etc., including those higher energies, all disappear, they all become free energy again.

The gross physical aspect of the human form should be used for the benefit of other incarnate entities, of any form factor. However, even if the gross physical is cremated, the energy is regained and converted back into free energy, including that used as an accelerant such as gas or logs in a funeral pyre. When a human body is buried, the energy converts back to free energy in a different way, converting the free energy back into the earth via the decomposition process. There is a waste process involved in this instance however, and that is identified as the time taken to decompose. The longest time being the decomposition of the skeleton, this can take thousands of years.

When incarnate mankind evolves to the point where we are more in control of our “selves” we will be able to de-construct our physical form , re-converting it back to free energy at will when we have experienced that which we planned to experience in the physical frequencies, returning back to our true energetic self. This method may also be used to create instantaneous transportation of the physical body, known as teleportation,. When we are energetic we can move or re-create the location of our sentience to any location or position within the multiverse by focussing our intension to be “in” that location that we desire to be in, so that all that is “us here” can be “us elsewhere” because we are assigning the intention of “us here” to be “us elsewhere” through the association with free energy the “Life Force” or “Prana”, which pervades everything.

In the epoch of higher frequency existence on the earth, the energetic side of us that was projected into the physical frequencies, could have should it so wish, take the physical form anywhere it desired, because it was much higher frequentially. The frequencies associated with the current human form make this difficult by anyone other than a true master.

Reconsidering that the gross physical aspect of the human form should be used for the benefit of other incarnate entities following an early demise brings into play what happens when organs are used for transplants. To be useful ,organs need to be “full” of life force to be useable and so they need they need to be removed almost immediately after death.  However, this means that the transplantee receives the organ and the life force that is associated with another entity, which causes compatibility problems. Life force energy needs 3 days to leave the physical body so if the organ was left for 3 days, even if frozen, it would not work in the new host because the original life force – the free energy, is no longer within the organ. The life force needs to be part of the organ during original conception and is not possible to re-animate. “Walk-ins” work however, because the body is swapped and re-assigned energetically between incarnate energies during these 3 days.


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  1. Eva says:

    Thank you, Guy! I just needed such excellent detailed explanation. No coincidence…
    With blessings.

  2. chris woods says:

    Just awesome. Thank you.

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