What is Prana or Life Force 3 of 3

[youtube]Insert video URL or ID here[/youtube][youtube]Insert video URL or ID here[/youtube]This is the third of three blogs describing Prana or Life Force

Upon its demise the components of the gross physical aspect of the human form should be reused for the benefit of other incarnate entities through the use of donation. However, even if the gross physical is cremated, the energy is regained and converted back into free energy, including that used as an accelerant such as gas or logs in a funeral pyre. When a human body is buried, the energy converts back to free energy in a different way, converting the free energy back into the earth via the decomposition process. There is a waste process involved in this instance however, and that is identified as the time taken to decompose. The longest time being the decomposition of the skeleton, this can take thousands of years.

Considering the future, when incarnate mankind evolves to the point where we are more in control of our “selves” we will be able to de-construct our physical form, re-converting it back to free energy at will when we have experienced that which we planned to experience as an incarnate being. In this epoch of higher frequency existence on the earth, the energetic side of us could, should it so wish, take the physical form anywhere it desired.


Namaste and Blessings



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  1. chris woods says:

    love it more please

  2. Judy Schantz says:

    Guy, When you talk about donation of the human body after death are you taking of the donation of the body to medical schools for the teaching of doctors in an Anatomy course. This is a gracious act by the donor. After the students have learned all they can by dissecting, this is usually a 6 week course. The body is cremated & the remains given to the family. Is the free energy double some how because of the donated act of giving & the cremation? Thank you & I agree with Chris. More please. Judy in Pittsburgh Pa USA

    • Guy Needler says:

      Hi Judy,

      There is only one exchange relative to free energy and that is based upon the cremation of the remains and the disposal of (cremated or buried) the donated organs post the demise of the recipient. The free energy gained when the diseased organs are disposed (cremated or buried) of are part of the free energy of the recipient. other evolutionary based gains are available as a result of selfless donations of organs etc.



  3. Mo Stevens says:

    Just love what you have said. It just seemed so complete and at one with everything there is

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