What is Prana or Life Force 2 of 3

[youtube]Insert video URL or ID here[/youtube]This is the Second of three blogs describing Prana or Life Force


Free energy is the same no matter where it is in the Multiverse. It is inside and outside of everything; it fills the gaps, it is there to provide substance. It has always been in existence, and was there when our creators’ creator started to gain its rudimentary intelligence.

Free energy is totally recyclable, it can never run out and although we use it, it never gets used. Using it and creating function  with it, regenerates it. It is like having an electric motor that drives a pulley that rotates an alternator, which generates enough electricity to power the motor and cope with the inherent losses in the system and subsequently rotate the alternator to create electricity to power the motor. It is like a potential energy machine. It is an energy which can never be used up – ever, because it is always there. The process of using it creates it, it is self-correcting and self-organising.

As a singular energy, free energy has a level of rudimental intelligence, an intelligence that makes it want to be part of itself, even though it is everywhere, pervading the multiverse.  It is a form of consciousness, although limited in its application. It can be separated out, but in doing that, it is also recreated. It is part of the structure of the multiverse, it is never actually lost.

Prana or life force as an aspect of free energy has both consciousness and sentience. Its consciousness is the attractivity to self and the recreation of self when used. The energy that is used by the human form when free energy itself is being used, i.e. by the muscles and the organs etc., is called electricity. It is a by-product of its use and a trigger to recreate it. Its sentience and structure is such that it is a fundamental component part of the multiverse, and therefore, as a result, it maintains the sentience and self-aware intelligence that is inherent with the higher function of the multiverse..

A human body therefore cannot function without this life force energy. When an aspect (soul) of our True Energetic Self (The “TES” can also be called the Oversoul, Godhead, higher self) moves away from the human form to return to communion with the TES, and the human form subsequently demises, all of the free energy, the life force or Prana that is associated with the human form removes itself, and recycles itself, because it is attracted to “itself”. So all of the energetic structure that was part of the human form, the plexuses, the hara line, the chakras (major, minor and mini), the auric layers the meridians etc., including other higher energies associated with the human form, dissolve to become free energy again.


To Be Continued……..


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