What is Prana or Life Force 1 of 3

This is the first of three blogs describing Prana or Life Force

Prana or life force is an aspect of free energy; it is that which the physical vehicle (human form) uses on all its frequency levels to perpetuate its existence. It can also be called Ki (Japanese) or Chi (Chinese). The human form is designed to use this energy in isolation, not needing to metabolise energy from the gross physical – food. Free energy is an energy that pervades the multiverse. It is energy that hasn’t been given function, is therefore always available for use and is mainly attracted to the possibility of/for evolution. From our human perspective we need to understand that the human form assimilates free energy in the higher frequencies associated with it, it is part of the structure of the human form whilst not being part of it.

The Chakras work by funneling free energy down to usable energies that the human form can work with. The Chakras have vortices that deal with a different frequency set, each Chakra is therefore associated with, and therefore predominantly represented on, the auric layer and the subsequent energies that they are aligned to. So the Base Chakra, the first Chakra, is associated with the first auric layer and the associated energies, and the Crown Chakra, the seventh Chakra, is associated with the seventh auric layer and the associated energies. Those Chakras and auric layers in-between the first and seventh are subsequently associated with their relative auric layers energetically and frequentially as well.

Although the Chakras bring in all these energies separately, they create a composite energy, made up from all those energies received by the chakras, that can be used by the human form, in all its gross physical and spirituophysical aspects. Energy levels associated with the human form that are above the Chakras (not yet recognised by many spiritualists) can cope with “raw” free energy, but the gross physical needs to work with energy of a certain tolerance. The Chakras therefore create this “composite energy” almost like a new energy for the physical human form to work with, to move the muscles, energize organs and provide longevity to assist with the varying parts of the human form that are not grossly physical. The human life force is therefore a composite energy of a certain frequential band width that is created by the Chakras from the energies associated with the 7 energy levels that are part of the gross physical and the spirituophysical aspects of the human form – those of the Chakras.


To be continued…….



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  1. judy says:

    Guy, Thank you so much for this explanation as I am working with opening & closing my Chakras but have not been doing it faithfully every morning & evening. But I do notice when I do get in a routine of every morning & evening I feel happier & have more energy. You seem to know when I need to have more information. Blessings. Judy in Pittsburgh

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