Welcome to my Omniverse

Welcome to my Omniverse

From here the door is open to a deeper meaning to our existence and an understanding of the Spiritual Physics of our energetic environment. Here we are not limited to a Universe, or indeed the Multiverse created by our creator – The Source Entity our God, but are exposed to that which is “Beyond The Source”, Beyond God, accessing the Omniverse that is the Origin, The Absolute.!


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  1. To move into the Source Entities Multiverse whilst incarnate we need to recognize the physical universe for what it is, and what it is not. It “is not” the true reality, “it is” an opportunity for individual evolution, “It is not” the be all and end all, the opportunity to be the dog that ate the dog, more to be the dog that loved the dog and shared its scraps of food in equality. The physical universe is nothing but a theater, a play specially laid on for us all to endevour to work on remembering our lines, our actions, when faced with the experiences we have chosen to have, and for this reason everything we do is within the play, a play manifest in the theater of the earth.

  2. Maria Goretti says:

    The theatre is a good way of describing things. Only problem was after getting a look at the script we forgot most of it when we got here. Getting closer to God helps us remember things we are meant to do.

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