Walk-ins and the Ego

Dear Souls,
Below is a question from one of my readers on the subject of Walk-ins and the Ego.
Q: When you talked about walk-ins (My World Satsanga – GSN), I was wondering what happens to the ego? In the case of the changing of souls that integrate to the body as a result of an agreement, it seems part of the ego might stay with the body? I ask this because even though there might seem to be change of personalities after walk ins, there is still many similar things (some aptitudes, some likes?) Also, when a heart transplant (or some other organs) occurs, it is often reported that the person with the new organ receives aptitudes or likes (or dislikes) that were associated with the person that was the original owner of the organ. Is this related to the ego going with the organ in some way (and is related to this same question)? Or is this a completely different cause?
A: The ego is a function of the near separation from the true energetic self (over soul, higher self, godhead) experienced by the aspect when incarnate, resulting from the drastic reduction in communicative bandwidth experienced in the lower frequencies of the multiverse, and, an agreement to “temporarily forget” ones heritage in the incarnate state. It is a temporary personality that disintegrates upon the demise of the physical vehicle, although its memories are stored by the aspect and true energetic self throughout the period of the incarnation.
When a walk-in aspect takes control of the human vehicle it adopts the ego in the same way that it adopts the vehicle. Subsequent existence changes the personality to that more in keeping with the walk-in aspect. But this does take time.
Because the ego is a function of the incarnate vehicle, when a person has a transplanted organ, a portion of the ego of the donating vehicle is transported to the receiving vehicle. Depending on the “strength” of the incoming ego the overall ego of the vehicle receiving the organ will be affected in either a minor or major way creating a hybrid ego.


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  1. Biljana says:

    Hi Guy,
    what is walk-in?
    Kind regards, Biljana

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