Three Blogs to Celebrate the Work of Dolores Cannon 3/3

This is the third of three short blogs is designed to celebrate the life of Dolores Cannon by looking at how the information I have channeled in isolation to Dolores, correlates, and therefore justifies her claims for the two subjects that she was identified with most recently.

3 of 3

Why, if she was supposed to ascend to the New Earth, did Dolores pass away on the 18th October 2014.

Simply put and based upon the information in the last post (above), Dolores was operating in the Fourth frequency, the New Earth, and those who could see and perceive her were also working at this frequential level. Therefore, having ascended to and working with, the fourth frequency, the New Earth, she had done her job and now it was time to return to her True Energetic Self (sometimes called the Godhead, Over Soul or Higher Self), to become disincarnate and leave her human body.

Remember, we ascend in a slow, robust and repeatable way and as a result we become normalised, used to the abilities, functions and content associated with such ascension  gradually and because it its gradual we don’t notice our own progression – which can be confusing.

I also note that Dolores was a Master in her own right and Masters know when to depart. Masters incarnate to teach us, to stretch our understanding, to make us more expansive, to allow us to ascend and progress beyond them, to produce new Masters that can take us further. Masters also have their own specialisms and Dolores had hers. In Dolores’ case she departed in the knowledge that she had seen enough Masters come onto the scene to take humanity beyond the work she had done, to use her work as an evolutionary stepping stone, and later, in turn, create new Masters – themselves becoming a stepping stone.

A Master knows when his or her work is done, when their very presence is a distraction to the truth seeker focusing on the new Master/s, a hindrance to progression. And so, with confident knowledge that our progression was assured she departed, having witnessed and worked with the New Earth, having introduced new Masters.




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    Thank you Guy Namaste

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