Thirteen questions that have Biblical references – 7 of 13

This is the seventh of thirteen questions that have Biblical references.

Q: Why did Jehovah instruct that one of the animals be sacrificed to AZAZEL?

A: This I am advised was not a decree from Jehovah, who would never have ordered such an act, but was from a high priest who used Jehovahs’ name inappropriately to appease the worries of some village elders.

The elders were worried about crop yield and stated that Jehovah was not helping them and that Azazel was affecting the crops (they were too afraid to use the name of the devil – Lucifer, lest it made things worse so used the name of Azazel). The priest stated that, if they do not believe that God is helping them then they may as well sacrifice an animal to appease Azazel!




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