The true meaning of Christmas

The Source has a few words to say on the meaning of “Christmas”.

SE: The true meaning of Christmas has long been forgotten and is now used almost totally out of context. To understand it meaning the word Christmas needs to be broken into two words, ‘Christ’ and ‘Mas’.

Christ’ is a shortened version of ‘Christen’ and was a term used to identify a person who is pure, or has been purified through dedicated and devoted training, of the desires of the lower frequencies to the point where they can operate within the physical without being of the physical.

Baptism is a symbolic ceremony used to announce to others that an individual had achieved this level of existence whilst incarnate. The use of the holy water identified that the dust and dirt of the lower frequencies had been “washed away”. Such a person would be a master in using energy.

Mas’ is a derivative of the Greek word ‘Mazi’ –  ‘μαζί’, means together.

Based upon this Christmas means ‘pure together’, or ‘together we are pure’ and is a word that is used when a group of ‘Christened’ ones are in the same location and working for the betterment of others, or being of service to others.

 So Christmas time is a time when you all work together – in purity. ‘Working Together in Purity’ is, without doubt, worthy of celebration.

Namaste and Merry Christmas!


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  1. Thank you for this timely message from the Source! I love it. Blessings to All, Ulla

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