The Spiritual Seed

A good spiritual friend of mine (CW) was given a metophoric message and asked me to decipher it for him – with a little help from the Source Entity.

I now think it is so wonderfully relavent to everyone who is just starting out on their spiritual path that I would like to share it with you as encouragement.

“Find the seed, shake the soil, spread the harvest, feed the planet.”

Find the seed  = Discover your own spiritual heritage and Gods love.

Shake the soil = Change your paradigm to accept that which will nurture you new spiritual existence.

Spread the harvest = Diligently work on your new spiritual life expanding your awareness, awakening and joyful experience in Spirit and God.

Feed the planet  = Tell others the joy that you have discovered in becoming aware and awakened to spirit and God, teaching them should they be ready.

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