The Source Entity on the Evolution of the Species on Earth

SE: The Earth is a seeded planet, maintained by a race of entities whose role it is to work with the Earth with the purpose of maximizing the evolutionary opportunity for higher energetic beings. This race of entities scour physical universe and it frequencies mapping out those low frequency areas of local density, planets, that can be used for evolutionary opportunities for those entities that which to accelerate their evolutionary content by the process of incarnation into the physical. This race has interjected into the development of the planet thousands of times with the introduction of species of bacteria, virus, insect, flora and fauna from already established planets of similar frequency/atmosphere, to assist in the automatic maintenance of the Earths ecosystem.

Over the millennia animals of various shapes and sizes (right down to bacteria) have been introduced relative to the specific task they are able to perform with the environment and the positive outcome of such tasks in the desired planetary development plan. Some of these animals had a desired work load, and when they achieved the desired outcome, they were phased out as either being no longer necessary for the future development, or would be detrimental to the required function of those animals that were to be introduced later, hence the sudden disappearance of certain species on an “overnight” basis. Other animals, those that were clearly able to adapt to the new environment, and were not a threat to the new ecosystem, were allowed to have continued existence. Some of these even benefitted the new ecosystem, adding to its accelerated development. Those animals that are similar and that may have been identified as evolutionary steps by mankind were either animals that adapted to the ecosystem and developed in their own right, contributing to the ecosystem’s development, or were a similar species sourced from a different  planet, where the ecosystem is slightly different, bringing a different level of ability and contribution to the Earths’ developing ecosystem. Note here that the contribution of an animal is both physical and energetic.

The objective of the development of the Earth’s ecosystem was to enable automatic maintenance, promoting the ability to support physical vehicles that were “incarnation” capable. The current situation on the Earth is such that there are 2 “physical” vehicles capable of supporting an “incarnating” energetic entity of that similar to the human energies and above, and, many others cable of supporting those other “lower quality” energetic entities that are not of the human energies and above. These can be easily discerned by their ability to work with humanity, in some form, or are capable of making individual decisions.

So in the answer to the question of, was Darwin correct?

The answer is yes, but in some small part only.

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  1. Scott Wagner says:

    LOL, so you just dropped the bombshell that there are 2 species on this planet capable of supporting incarnating energies at our level or higher–then didn’t name the other species? Can you satiate my curiosity Guy?

    • Hi Scott, Mankind knows them as Dolphins! but they are much more spiritually enabled whilst incarnate than mankind, we are well behind on that score – whilst incarnate that is. I have been advised that there will be a third species on the earth at some point, but I have not got to the bottom of that one, except that I I get a feeling – a very strong one, that this will be a second version of the human body. – Watch this space!

      • Scott Wagner says:

        Thanks. Dolphins were my best guess, but I didn’t want to assume. When you mention a second version of the human body, I wonder if that could simply refer to how we are changing as we ascend up the frequencies.

        • Hi Scott, Well done. The second version of the Human body will manifest itself as the current being able to cope with the ascending frequencies and will therefore be a Higher frequency version and not one of the Gross Physical. Two versions will therefore exist side by side. The higher frequency version will be able to exist is two frequency zones whilst the existing body will be limited to this frequency.

  2. anonymous says:

    What about whales and elephants?
    Are they not on roughly the same level as dolphins?

    • Unfortunately the size of the animal does not necessitate the quality of the incumbent spirit. Animals such as cats, dogs, horses whales, elephants, and other Big animals are not the same quality of energy as ourselves and other energetic entities in the multiverse and therefore not classified as sentient. However, they are able to evolve and through association with higher energetic entities, either incarnate or dis-incarnate they can, eventually and in rare occasions, evolve to the lower levels of sentience and become similar in energetic quality to ourselves.

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