The God Particle – Clarification by the Source Entity On How A Photon Could Become A Tachyon

With the rather interesting statement by the Source Entity that the particle that was recorded in the Large Hardron Collider at Cern was not the so called God particle but the shadow trace of a Tacyon, I asked the Source for clarification on how a Photon could become a Tacyon.

ME: How can a Photon become a Tacyon. I thought that Photons could not travel faster than a fraction below the speed of light, Photons being a light particle that is, it makes no sense!

SE: Yes I can see that Mankind would find this hard to believe considering the fact that much of mankind’s physics is based upon the work of my beloved soul- Einstein. In this instance, when a particle such as an Electron  is accelerated up to just below light speed, or a Photon is observed it creates a bow-wave, this slows the particle down the faster it goes. It can never go faster than its bow-wave and is therefore inhibited by its inherent resistance. Einstein suggested that a particle gained mass the faster it was accelerated which gives a similar effect but is not how it actually happens.

Consider a boat, can a boat over-take its own bow-wave? No!

ME: So what happened?

SE: An Electron collided with a Photon and momentarily slowed the Photon down, allowing its bow-wave to move some distance ahead of it. When this happens, for a minute moment, that Photon is un-inhibited because the bow-wave is not immediately ahead of it creating resistance,  allowing it to travel faster than its capability (light), turning into a Tachyon, until it catches up with its bow-wave and slows down, turning back into a Photon and continuing as normal.

This incident was recorded by the sensors at the LHC giving the impression that it was the God-Particle, The Higgs Boson, which it was not. It was simply a shadow of a rather common event, a common event which to date has not yet been witnessed by mankind’s machinery.


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