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This is the first of a series of eight blogs (4 blogs with 2 parts each blog that will be presented one per week) where I present the basics of the book my late Father-In-Law Dennis Milner, completed just before his ascension – Kosmos. I feel that this book is an essential text for scientific proof of the Greater Reality.

Part one is below the introduction text

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In his book Dennis proposes that our Universe is part of a living, evolving “Kosmos” that “started life” as an unconscious state of dormant energy. Thisenergy stirred into activity and out of this activity there has arisen a succession of Universes, in which the Kosmos expresses and experiences itself. This desire to express and experience itself in ever-greater diversity is what causes all the developments that take place in the Kosmos.

The scientific investigations have shown how the Universe and life on Earth have developed, the Kosmos viewpoint shows why it has all happened in the way that it has and the meaning and purpose behind it all. It offers new insights into:

  • The Creation versus Evolution controversy
  • The nature of “God” and Intelligent Design
  • The Big Bang theory of the creation of our Universe
  • The nature of atoms
  • The development of shape and form in the natural world
  • The meaning and purpose of our lives

Dennis MilnerThese blogs are based upon a series of 4 articles written by Dennis to help promote Kosmos to Distributors, Book Shops and Universities.


Dennis Milner D.Sc., F.I.M., F.Inst.P., C.Eng., Honorary Research Fellow, University of Birmingham, England, UK. 17 July 1924 to 23 November 2011


1a – Registration of Etheric Force Activity

Mystics and clairvoyants claim there are auras of activity permeating and surrounding the physical bodies of plants animals and humans.  In the Department of Metallurgy at Birmingham University; seeking evidence for this auric activity, Ted Smart and I embarked on an extra-curricular research, picking up on the work of a Dr. Baraduc1 who, in the early 1900s, registered an ‘auric surround’ to a human hand, fig. 1.

Fig A

Fig1.  Electrophotographic registration around a hand obtained by Dr. Baraduc1, circa 1910

This is an electrical discharge picture, akin to a modern Kirlian photograph but some of Baraduc’s pictures also showed what he claimed were soul phenomena.  He did not give sufficient details for us to repeat his results but in trying to do so, we found a way of registering auric phenomena around leaves (fig. 2) by putting them in a ‘sandwich’ between two photographic plates, with metal plates outside them to which we applied pulses of high voltage, using a Wimshurst machine or a Van de Graaf generator.

a  Fig B b Fig C

Fig 2.  a. The type of etheric aura described by clairvoyants around a privet leaf (the narrow band) with globules of ‘prana’ in the background.  b. Interaction between three privet leaves.

These seemed to conform to what people perceive in a heightened state of consciousness, as for example described by the chemist Sherwood Taylor2:

‘On a clear sunny autumn morning I had walked into the gardens of St. John’s College, Oxford: the dahlias were still in bloom and the Michaelmas daises were covered in great butterflies; tortoise-shells, fritillaries and red admirals.  Suddenly …everything revealed itself as inter-connected …around each centre of life there was an influence, as if each living thing were a centre of a spiritual medium.

We also registered ‘bright spots’ which we thought could be the ‘prana’ that psychics and mystics state is associated with the life force in living organisms.  Payne3 states that etheric clouds emanate from plants.  Garrett4 states that plants have a ‘surround’ that appears to move or breath gently.  The energy/aura healer Brennan5 suggests lying on your back on a sunny day, relaxing and seeing white globules of energy flow into the aura around a tree.  Pierrakos6, a New York psychiatrist, who developed the ability to perceive the human aura, observed energy fields associated with all living entities, with crystals, the Earth, its oceans and its atmosphere.  (In his book Pierrakos describes the way in which he developed expanded awareness, starting with Kilner screens/filters and then finding that he no longer needed these).

After a few years we presented our work at a Conference and a publisher who was there, asked to publish it7, while another member of the audience offered us financial support from his Foundation.  Our extra-curricular activities had attracted the attention of three Ph.D. students, Brian Meredith, Andrew McNeil and Harry Dean and, after getting their Ph.D.s, this financial support enabled them to work full time on this research for a collective total of nineteen man-years and resulted in a substantial integrated team effort.

Registering Space Energy/Etheric Forms

We  expanded our ‘electrophotography’ researches: the Wimshurst machine and Van der Graaf generator had produced multiple uncontrolled pulses of high voltage,  then Michael Watson designed and built for us a power source with which we could apply a single controlled pulse of high voltage, which enabled us to establish more clearly what was going on.

A basic problem was that, if we were registering what clairvoyants and mystics describe as the etheric aura around plants, then how was this happening?  On the basis that plant activity could be associated with an effect in the surrounding ‘ether/energy’ of space, (either that plant activity created an effect, or that, as mystics claim, phenomena in the ether bring about the pattern of activity of plants) we tried creating disturbances in the ‘ether/energy’ of space by electrical means and we found that that these registered equally well.  We also found that we did not need a photographic emulsion but that if we coated a glass plate with fine powder, e.g. of the type used in photocopy machines, this registered the phenomena and furthermore by examining the distribution of the powder under a low power microscope it was possible to get further information on how the observed phenomena had formed.  We tried many experimental configurations and found  that positive potentials were associated with a suctional effect and negative potentials with an expansive effect, fig.3.  (The expansive or suctional natures of these forms was shown by movement of the powder when we carried out these experiments with a glass plate coated with a thin layer of powder).


Fig A b Fig B

Fig C    d Fig D

Fig. 3.Some examples of forms created in the ‘ether’/space energy by electrical potentials  (a) an expansive daisy-like pattern created around a short cylindrical electrode to which a negative potential was applied and a suctional root-like pattern created when a positive potential was applied. (b) Interaction between two negative expansive patterns, (c) interaction between two positive suctional patterns, (d) interaction between a negative expansive and a positive suctional pattern.

To Be continued….


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  1. Dr.Aslam says:

    Greetings. This is aslam. My research is on ,your gift the kosmos is helping to seek different dimensions. Thank you. I have very very stressful days. S E is not answering my questions, why ? i dot know. Please help and guied me. Aslam.


    • Hi Dr Aslam, Great to hear from you. Please feel free to email me with any questions or concerns using this email address: SE tells me that you need to have more time for your self, you are a dedicated man and help many, but to serve them and God better you need to be less stressed and calm, this means you need more personal time to de-stress and allow your daily meditations to be natural and not pressurized. (put it in your diary as a No. 1 priority) Your stress creates resistance which is a significant blockage as it keeps you in the lower frequencies of the physical world. I am sending you calming energies right now. (UK time 10:30am 25 Oct 2014). Blessings Guy

  2. ellen3625 says:

    Interesting! I purchased Kosmo with a great number of other books and sadly never touched it. This snippet of information has sparked an interest in actually removing it from the bookshelf and reading it!

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