The Darker Side of the Light 8 of 20

This is the eighth of twenty blogs where one of my readers has asked for clarification from the Source about the darker issues we experience, or believe we experience, on Earth.

Q: What is the history of Lucifer and who was he before the creation of the dark side.

GSN: This question is best answered by using the dialogue I had with the Source on this subject gained during the compilation of the text that created The History of God. And so, the text below is taken from that dialogue.

“SE: Lucifer was one of the first entities to get involved in the physical human being project and is directly responsible for allowing humanity to have the rare pleasure of having total free will when in the physical realms and those levels closest to the physical called the lower and upper astral.

He was classified as bad or evil purely because humanity is where it is now, in the lowest dimensions and frequencies possible. You see when energetic mankind started this project you were all existing in very high frequencies, with even the physical projection that you used being what you would call translucent or not solid, more gas like in substance than physical. Although “gas like” is not a correct description it will suffice.

ME: So Lucifer is responsible for us being stuck here at this level.

SE: No, you all are. Lucifer simply gave you the means……..

……The means to soar high in the dimensions and frequencies by making the right choices as they are presented to you, you making the decision on which way to jump, without the influence of other higher / collective minds.

ME: Ah, we are back to the conversation about free versus collective minds.

SE: No not quite, you see, even though you are free to make your own decisions you are still part of a collective, a collective entity and therefore a collective mind. Lucifer merely suggested and debated hard for the incarnate human entity to have autonomy in order to maximise the evolution opportunity and accelerate the evolution process. His idea was maligned by the other key workers on the physical humanity project as being unnecessary and dangerous, dangerous insomuch as the individual entity or that part of the entity that was projected into the physical, that which was incarnate would lose communication with the rest of itself or humanity. He gained some support from some entities that ran a “what if” scenario using the Akashic and established that the opportunities for evolutionary expansion and experience was enormous and should therefore be considered. On the other side, the opportunities for dropping down the dimensions were also there but not so high in the statistics in terms of becoming a reality. It was based upon the higher probability of success that Lucifer managed to win the debate with the others leading the project that giving free will was the correct way to go to maximise the opportunity.

The big issue was that he decided not to advertise the possibility that humanity could actually drop down to the lowest levels as well by choosing this route, even though in doing so humanity would make its greatest advance in pulling out of the lowest of levels. He saw this as the excuse the others needed to veto his idea, the risk would be too great he said they would say, so, he decided to withhold all of the information that came from the Akashic. In withholding this information he committed a crime, which he was free to do, but compounded with the fact that humanity incarnate actually managed to go along this path, the worst path from the others point of view, and leading them to make a decision that they would not have made had they known, resulted in Lucifer being maligned as an evil entity, “one that is not of the whole”. As a result of this he was asked to leave the group of individuals that had both developed the physical body for humanity incarnate and been the “steering committee” if you want to call it that.

You have carvings and images that show Lucifer as a fallen angel. Let me say this, Lucifer is not a fallen angel he has just changed the type of work that he is doing now. Agreed it (he) is not involved with humanity within the same capacity that it was, but it is nevertheless making significant contribution, especially in understanding the implications and opportunities presented to humanity whilst it is currently residing in this level of frequency, as this is where Lucifer was most experienced. Without knowledge of these levels he would not have been able to make a decision to withhold this information.

I will say it again.

His own knowledge was damaging to his own arguments to give humanity free will, the free will to work in isolation, in independence of the greater reality, the ability to work alone and be responsible only for yourself to truly experience the self in isolation.

ME: He really has made a big impact on humanity hasn’t he?

SE: Bigger than he expected, and he has gained a reputation that is not equivalent to his mistake, but nevertheless, to date, humanity is following the path that was predicted if it individually (collectively) made the decision to go this way, which it did. Now Lucifer is paying the price, the price of not being totally open to his peers, even though he is still doing a good job and is now very open with his information, even if it is controversial.”

GSN: From our perspective then the dark side was therefore created by incarnate mankind, with the means to create it (attraction to the lower frequencies) given to us by the being we call Lucifer.

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  5. Travis says:

    Hello Mr. Needler. Thank you for your works. In the History of God, the Source spoke of another name for Lucifer, but this other name was not stated in the transcript. Have you since learned this other name? Can you please share it with your readers?

    • Hi Travis, I have checked with the Source a couple of times before I published this name here. The name I still keep being advised of as the one used by Lucifer now is Melchezek. Please note that this is a common name and is no indication that some individuals who are channelling information from entities that use this name as well are indeed channelling Lucifer.Blessings Guy

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