The Darker side of the Light 4 of 20

This is the fourth of twenty blogs (previously nineteen, however, a new question was submitted recently) where one of my readers has asked for clarification from the Source about the darker issues we experience, or believe we experience, on Earth.

Q: What part of the universe do the dark forces exist in?

SE: From a multiversal perspective the physical universe is the lowest frequency environment within it; there is no lower environment, frequentially. Based upon this the whole universe can be considered dark in relation to the rest of frequencies associated with the multiverse. However, this does not answer the question from the perspective of the physical universe itself.

In the lowest of the frequencies associated with the multiverse twelve are required to create enough resolution for a supportable environment to exist. The physical universe being the first and lowest environment, it therefore requires these twelve. The first being the lowest frequency associated with the physical universe, the twelfth being the highest. These twelve frequencies can be considered as the band width of the physical universe where areas of locally high frequency can exist next to areas of locally low frequency within a certain tolerance. In general though, that which is expressed (exists) within each of the frequencies of the physical universe exist in isolation to each other, hence why mankind does not see the plethora of entities experiencing the Earth right now.

If an entity is drawn in an addictive way to the sensations or experiences available in the lower frequencies, it creates its own locale of low frequency, primarily via its incarnate vehicle. If a number of entities are affected in this way they create, through the effect of synergy, a larger area of locally low frequency that is beyond their collective locales. It is these areas of locally low frequency that can be considered the environments where so-called dark forces exist, for dark forces are simply those actions created by entities that are addicted to the sensations or experiences available in the lower frequencies. As for their location, they are dotted all around the area of multiversal frequential space that is the physical universe, and are not specific to one location.

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