The Darker Side of the Light 3 of 20

This is the third of Twenty blogs  (previously nineteen, however, a new question was submitted recently) where one of my readers has asked for clarification from the Source about the darker issues we experience, or believe we experience, on Earth.

Q: Which part of Source decided to create the dark side

SE: Firstly consider that the energies, and their lowest frequencies within the multiverse, can be classified as the dark side.

Now consider that I created the multiverse out of my own energies, energies of known frequency, and that these low frequencies are also part of me. And, that they were chosen by me to be included in the multiverse.

Considering that I created the multiverse in full knowledge of the energies and frequencies I was using, you can also consider that ‘All of me’ decided to use the energies of lower frequency when I created the multiverse, and that ‘All of me’ therefore decided to create the dark side.

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  1. Hi Guy,
    I’d like to re-post here what you wrote in the Comments section of the video, entitled Ascension Process History and Q & A – YouTube (, because I found it helpful and others may not have seen it yet and it relates to Part 3 here as well:

    Guy Needler replied:
    Hi, I have a message from the Source for you. It’s in a couple of parts.
    (part 1 of 3) SE: “Dear One, Know that everything in the physical universe and the wider multiverse is part of me. You are part of me and I am a much larger aspect of you. We are all one. This included those that you call the dark ones, they are also part of me, and as such are also part of you. They perform a function, one that is of the light house.
    (part 2 of 3) They are illumined, but only to a certain level for they limit themselves with their association with the physical universe. The wise ones see the light house and avoid the rock in front of it, paying no attention to the shore which beckons with an unseen danger below the waves. See them but ignore them and in this way they have no power over you. See them and fear them and they have power over you.
    (part 3 of 3) This is your choice. If everyone ignored them they would dissolve for all of your fears keep them charged up with power, perpetuating their existence, which is only transient in the frail human form. Everything they do is for you all to learn from and avoid, this is why I call them a light house, and why they are called the Illuminati.”
    Later Guy added: “Removing the Illuminati would only give the “remover” a karmic link. Best to just ignore them. They take energy and power from us thinking of them- in this way we give them power over us. Pay them no attention and they lose this power and disappear.”

    Thanks for your guidance, Ulla

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