The Darker Side of the Light 2 of 20

This is the Second of Twenty blogs where one of my readers has asked for clarification from the Source about the darker issues we experience, or believe we experience, on Earth.

Q: Did the nature of dark forces exist before the Origin decided to create the twelve Source Entities?

SE: If one wants to consider that the dark forces are just the lower frequencies the answer is yes. The Origin has a certain structure and the lowest component of that structure is frequency, the next is Sub-dimension, followed by Full-Dimension, Zones, Continuum, Planes, Spheres, etc. etc. up to twelve levels, each one being a multiplication of the number twelve, having started with the number twelve at the frequency level. After the twelfth component of the structure a completely new structure is available, but that is currently outside the Origins area of sentient self-awareness.

If one wants to consider the dark forces as being a function of human (energetic or incarnate) activity the answer is no because all entities that are part of the structure of the multiverse were created by me, after I was created by the Origin.

However, attractivity to low frequencies (within the multiverse or outside in the wider environment that is the Origin) in terms of its functionality, has always been there. It is just that it only became a problem when individualized entities incarnated to experience them and became addicted to the sensations, feelings and functions that are (only) available on these low levels. This addiction is called Karma.

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  1. Thank you for Part 2! Does this mean that “the dark forces that are just lower frequencies” exist beyond our Physical Universe (FB1-FB12) in the other components of the Multiverse, such as higher Full Dimensions, Zones, Continua, Planes, Spheres etc.? In that case “lower frequencies” would be relative to the environment you’re in, and the experience of such frequencies would be different for a physically incarnate being like humans (with karma) vs. a higher energetic being in these other parts (no karma)? Is there some “higher karma” beyond the Physical Universe? Please elaborate if you don’t mind answering my convoluted questions. 😉 Thanks, Ulla

    • The dark forces are low frequencies and are ONLY available in the physical universe and its associated frequencies.Higher or good Karma is basically attraction to high frequency activities, thoughts and actions which result in access to even higher frequencies. I hope this helps. Blessings Guy

  2. Von Robert Hogan says:

    A quick query. How is it POSSIBLE for a Source Entity to be aware of an area “Outside” of The Origin’s sentient awareness and The Origin is not? LOVE the books by the way?

    • The Origin is only aware of the fact that it has an area outside of its area of sentient self awareness. just as we ar that there are millions of galaxies in our universe. We can’t see them but we have evidence to show that they are there. Think of the Origins area of sentient self awarness as being your own back yard, which you know intimately, but the further away from your own back yard you know less and less depth, BUT, you know its there. As a Source Entity is a creation of the Origin it knows what the Origin wants it to know and no more (but they know everything the Origin knows and vice versa). In the case of SE 12 (Beyond Book 2) it decided to move beyond the perimeter of the Origins area of self awareness because it wasn’t constrained by creating something. The Om on the other hand have other abilities. Wait for my 5th Book (75% through it) The Origin Speaks. Blessings Guy (if I didn’t answer your question please advise on which page and which book your question was based upon. Guy

  3. Maria Goretti says:

    Hello Guy, great blogging! Hey, that sounds illegal. lol
    Seriously though, great answers every single time. Thanks.

  4. kipwoods says:

    just in time thanks Source/Guy Namaste

    Date: Thu, 7 Nov 2013 18:38:05 +0000 To:

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