The Darker Side of the Light 1 of 20

This is the first of Twenty blogs where one of my readers has asked for clarification from the Source about the darker issues we experience, or believe we experience, on Earth.

Q: What were the original reasons the Source created the dark forces and their world?

SE: I created nothing “directly” that could be identified as dark, or indeed light, for that is a dualistic condition created by incarnate mankind. Everything is energy with frequency and so in mankind’s mind the lower frequencies can be considered dark and the higher frequencies can be considered light.

Those that operate in the lower frequencies do so out of their own free will and I have no wish to influence them, for that is not the reason I created the Multiverse and the billions upon trillions of smaller versions of myself to occupy and explore it.  You and I Experience, Learn and Evolve in all ways, including through those who choose lower frequency experiences whilst incarnate.

Every incarnate individual has the capacity to become self-realized whilst incarnate and in the process remember who and what they are, part of me. But that is a personal choice, and, those that choose to experience the lowest frequencies within the energies of the Multiverse do so out of personal choice as well. In this instance they run the risk of, and invariably do, become addicted to the sensations, feelings of power and materialistic conditions that are available at these lower frequencies. Indeed, those that are addicted create an environment around them that augments this condition exposing them to even more profound sensations, feelings of power and materialistic conditions, attracting those of similar addiction in the process. This creates a condition of downward spiraling karma (see Avoiding Karma) which is difficult at best to pull away from. However, given time they will pull out and will return to their Source Entity with every other entity I created.

So to answer the question of what my reasons were for creating those that mankind considers as dark forces, I didn’t directly, mankind did, but as mankind is a function of “Me” invariability I did. The reason for my allowing this to happen is so that I can experience everything, learn from everything and evolve from everything.

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  1. I really needed to hear this Guy! I had the most profound experience while listening to a pre-recording of an interview with Dolores Cannon. I was able to visualize a man, seeming to be an astronaut traveling in space. I was then immediately aware of the God consciousness. At the very second that I felt that feeling of hugeness, the interviewer mentioned that she was feeling this sense of “hugeness” as well. Anyway, today I screamed at my 11 month old because he wouldn’t stop crying. I felt this anger and darkness, that I often feel when I am overwhelmed. I NEVER give into this feeling, immediately apologizing and taking a deep breath. Then I pray for peace and understanding. I’m usually not so angry, but when I get overwhelmed I feel this darkness. But in my daily life I try to be at peace and feel only kindness. It doesn’t help that I am an empath and can feel energies from not only people, but from my environment. Anyway, the assertion by SE that we can always get back to that place of peace and light is so empowering, because I feel such guilt when I “lose” it. Thanks for this. Synchronicity seems to surround your energy. 🙂

  2. In the previous comment, I meant to say in an interview with Dolores Cannon and you, Guy!

  3. Chris Woods says:

    Thanks Guy. Namaste

  4. Thank you for starting this important series, which undoubtedly will clear up a lot of concepts. I can hardly wait for Parts 2-19! In the meantime, to clarify SE1’s comment that light and dark are a “dualistic condition created by incarnate mankind” – does this mean that duality only exists in our reality field, not in the rest of the Physical Universe beyond our Frequency Band 3? Other teachers say that this universe is based on duality (2-pole configuration), which at 3D Earth is just more extreme like black and white, but even at 9th dimension duality is present, although slighter like the difference between medium light gray vs. medium medium light gray (according to the 9D Pleiadians)? Thanks for your guidance as always.

    • True duality exists in the physical universe i.e. black and white. Duality, or should I say, the opportunity for choice (the need for a decision), exists in all frequencies and dimensions, this is what creates event space and a resultant parallel universe (both local and wider) condition. Blessings Guy

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