Spiritual People Are Many And Varied

Just because a person follows certain spiritual leaders, truth’s or activities it does not mean that they are capable of operating in the true spiritual sense of one who knows and works with the truth. Many are either just starting out on this path, or are ‘Stuck’ in a spiritual comfort zone, unable to move forward. Others use spiritualism as a smoke screen to hide behind when the going gets tough in incarnate life, denying their responsibilities.

Spiritual people that are not cognoscente of the truth are VERY human in their approach and outlook and are affected by fear, stigma, coercion, low confidence, low self esteem and gossip on a regular basis, just as everyone else is. The desire to be loved and part of a ‘Group’ being a major motivator in allowing one to be coerced by a spiritual leader of dubious caliber for example.

Those who are on the true path operate above such limitations and can see when a fellow incarnate, although spiritual, is easily affected by these human conditions. These poor souls can be, and are, easily led, but are difficult to put back on the right path.

In this instance one should be aware of the path they are taking and respect it, sending them the unconditional love of one who knows that they are all one with the Source (God) and are doing the best they can.

Do not try to change them directly, but instead show them the right path by being an unwavering good example. For being a good example is the best teacher for a difficult spiritual student, no matter where THEY think they are.


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