Recognizing the Truth in Everything

In trying to recognize the truth in everything it is good to start with an example. The one I have in mind is the predicted date of the ascension, 21/12/12. There are an awful lot of people who are wondering “why” they are “still” here. In essence there has been a  lot of high ranking spiritual people stating that on a certain date we will, the spiritual ones that is, ascend. They have been putting a lot of effort into it and gaining a lot of personal credibility as a result, with their devotees, re-broadcasting this information gratuitously.

Now we find ourselves in the situation where the information is being classified as not being specifically true or correct and as a result there is a lot of re-grouping going on.  Individuals that have been working with these pieces of information could not only have damaged their own credibility, but also of spirituality and the greater reality in total, from a human perspective.

This is a good example of where people move down certain roads and “bandwagon” certain information to promote themselves, that which is not the truth but that supports the spiritual road or story they are broadcasting, that which is based upon their own desires.  Another illustration would be that “we are going to have a Savior”.

While an aspect of this quote is true, we are being trapped in a paradigm where we need to have a Savior, that there is something or someone out there that can save us, rather than save ourselves – by becoming that which we came here to become, rather than stay with the Savior based thought form. We are our own Saviors. –This is the truth!

Supporting the Savior paradigm is a story that there will be an armada of spaceships landing to take us away. This is also a good example because the comment about there being a “mass landing”,  that we are going to be “saved” by our star brothers, is also misinformation. If we are self-realized, and already understand the greater reality, we would know that they are already here. It is just that they are a higher frequency and are therefore invisible to the human eye. Unless that is, we meditate and practice upon raising our own frequencies to the point where we will be able to perceive them with our spiritual eye.

Fortunately there is truth in everything.  Just because someone states something and it doesn’t come to fruition it doesn’t mean it’s wrong, it’s just that it has been misinterpreted in some way. When one hides from this rather than stating that they didn’t get it quite right the info is demonized.

Again, working with the ascension process as an example, someone received the information and interpreted it as “on this date we are going to ascend” to a higher frequency level. If we look at it from the perspective of a person on a road and looking at a hill or mountain saying to themselves “at some point in my journey I am going to be as high as that mountain top” and then realize that on the journey to the top this person traverses a road with a gradual incline, and that road may switch back and forth to allow passage up the steeper inclines, then we can recognize that the path to the goal is a long path that gradually gets that person there in both distance and height.

If we look at it from the perspective of someone who says “if I travel along the ground at sea level and not climb up the gradually increasing path, then when I get to the point where I can look upwards and see the goal above me I can  jump up and get to that level”. This is the thought process surrounding the ascension, that we travel in a straight line-at sea level and that at a certain point or date we will jump up right to that elevated point that was observed from afar.

In our case we are gradually ascending as we exist in physicality. The path is sometimes longer that it would be if it was flat, but it is always increasing in frequency as we traverse it, so we become “normalized” to the changes in frequency and as a result don’t “notice” that we are ascending.

How we interpret spiritual information therefore depends upon how we are looking at it. If we were to stand right back, removing own thought processes, allowing us to see the true meaning of that which is being presented to us, then there would be no misinterpretation of that information.

We get confused by our own desires and requirements, overlaying them with the spiritual information, which then becomes “our paradigm”. Our Paradigm is augmented by myriad individuals who have the same desires, creating a synergetic group effect created by triangulation. This happens even though people have free will and free choice because we gravitate towards that which we resonate with.

How can we therefore reconcile these paradigms and move forward when we get it wrong?

There is a simple rule. We can move forwards by forgiving ourselves and then stand right back  and take on-board as many different view-points as possible, exposing ourselves to a bigger picture rather than a smaller aspect of that picture. There will always be individuals who get it right and those who misunderstand, but if we can stand back looking at the bigger picture, use our intuition, ask for help from the Source and our true energetic self on what the actual picture is, because when we receive information we only receive part of the jigsaw puzzle and one part of this is dependent upon the individual who is broadcasting it, we will be presented with the truth.

When we look at all the information and ways of broadcasting it we can look for areas of commonality and sort out those areas that are “individual specific” exposing the “truth” in the process. So when we look at different spiritual leaders or broadcasters, we need to look at “what they do” relative to what is being presented, and strip off that which they “do” exposing the truth behind what they are broadcasting. We can then re-word this truth and go back to other spiritual leaders or broadcasters who are saying similar or same things, stripping out what they “do”. Eventually by using this process we can create a truth and total picture of that which is being broadcast from spirit to us as “basic” information.

When we have a big enough picture of stripped off  “basic” information from enough spiritual leaders, we can go forwards in confidence that the knowledge we have is true and correct, and that it is the “basic” information and not embellished with another’s personality and “spiritual sales pitch”.

Taking all of this into account, and, in terms of our own disappointments when we are working with spiritual information, we have to ensure that we are working from an area of neutrality rather from an area of personal desire.


Guy Steven Needler

Copyright Guy Steven Needler 2013


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  1. Ellen says:

    I really relate to this post. I had heard so many differing ideas about the 12/21/12 date that professed to be the truth. I remember waking several times during that night checking to see if my husband had ascended without me! There was a great deal of disappointment when we both woke the following morning to the realization that we had a lot of work left to do. But the good that came from the realization was that this grand ascention was not just going to snatch us in our sleep rather guide us in our intent.

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