Questions Relating to My Work and the Teachings of the Hindu Yogi’s – 1

This is a short series of questions from a reader relating to how my work relates to the teachings of the Hindu Yogi’s.

Q: As you have 1:1 conversations with God, God must be very beautiful, isn’t it ? God is formless isn’t it? God is all Celestial Divine Light, isn’t it ? God must be beautiful as His creation of nature looks very very beautiful.

A: God is and can be anything we want or desire, its love, light and divinity is perfectly expressed in everything, and yes it is formless.

Q: I am sure that you also have communication/communion and access to Avatar’s, Saint’s, Rishi’s, Master’s, Angel’s etc in the Brighter World (Astral/Energetic)such as Lord Krishna, Lord Shiva, Jesus Christ, Buddha, Sri Ram Chandra (Babuji), Parthasarathi RajaGopalaChariji, Sri RamaKrishna Paramahansa, Swami Vivekananda, Babaji, Paramahansa Yogananda, Sivai Subramuniyaswami etc.

A: Yes they are easily contactable. However I prefer to go strait to the Source (God) for they are all aspects of God. I do have a special like of Paramahansa Yogananda and his lineage as aspects of God.

Q: In meditation we begin with a supposition that God or Divine Light exists in our heart and then we try to be there with that thought and thus we dive slowly & deeply absorbing into our “Self”.

A: Correct, but why limit it to the heart when the divine light is our total state of beingness.


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  1. Lhinn says:

    Hi Guy. A side question:

    Why are Krishna and Vishnu blue-skinned? What race are they? Are they still incarnate beings? Are they still of this Multiverse?

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