Questions Relating to My Work and the Teachings of the Hindu Yogi’s – 8

Q: It’s pathetic to see animals getting killed in the butcher’s market and as we see they suffer lot of pain while getting killed. What happens to the butcher’s Karma who is killing the animal?

A: The butcher must meditate for the permission of the animals soul for it to be used for food. Unless this is done the butcher accrues Karma. The Karma stays with the butchers Aspect (soul) until it is cleared through subsequent incarnations.

Q: What happens to the  souls of animals that are getting killed every day for food?

A: They return to their Godhead (True Energetic Self, Over Soul or Higher Self – all descriptions mean the same thing) and enter full into communion with it.


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  1. Lucienne says:

    Was also wondering if by ingesting animals, or animal products, we are taking on the karma

    of their stress acquired during the process of being trapped or and/or slaughtered.

    • Guy Needler says:

      If we are mindfull of the soul of the animal and ask its permission to use its flesh for food then we don’t accrue karma of any sort associated with them because we respect them.

  2. Chalres says:

    Hi Si Fu,

    I supposed in this case, karma doesn’t mean an eye for an eye between butcher and animals, ie punishment and paying back, it would make more sense to me if it means that the butcher will need to learn to respect lifes of other species as well as able to be empathy to other species.

    I also suppose that even if the “souls” of animals being killed are more a backfill rather than a sentient being of direct incarnation from a TES, same karma is still there for the butcher. 🙂




    • Guy Needler says:

      Yes there is no eye for an eye if the butcher meditates and asks the soul of the animal for permission to use its flesh. The entities that are “back fill people” are not use to incarnate in the bodies of animals. The Souls of animals are sentient, its just that they don’t have the same sentient content that we or a back fill soul has, i.e. they are a different quality of sentience. A butcher who respects the animal and its soul does not accrue karma.

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