Questions Relating to My Work and the Teachings of the Hindu Yogi’s – 7

This is a short series of questions from a reader relating to how my work relates to the teachings of the Hindu Yogi’s.

Q: What happens to the human soul once it exits the body?  Where does the soul reside?

A: It returns to the energies that are associated with the evolutionary level of the Godhead (True Energetic Self, Oversoul, Higherself – they all mean the same thing). I am currently writing a book on the processes the Aspect (Soul) goes through once dis-incarnate or before incarnation. There is far too much to answer this question correctly in a few words. This book is to be call “The Anne Dialogues”. I am due to finish it this year (2015). 

Q: I understand if we have an Master then Master takes care of the soul either to be liberated, or, if it has to be reborn.

A: The Master helps us – but we are still responsible for our Aspect (Soul) and its liberation.

Q: But for people who do not have a Master, what happens to their souls ? Where do the souls go? And how do they get reborn?

A: They do the same as those with a Master, its just that they accrue much more Karma and are much slower in their ability to evolve.




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