Questions Relating to My Work and the Teachings of the Hindu Yogi’s – 6

This is a short series of questions from a reader relating to how my work relates to the teachings of the Hindu Yogi’s.

Q: When we submit Prayers in our heart, who is actually Listening?  How are the Prayers getting answered?  Who is catching our Prayers from behind the scenes and answering us?

A: Prayer is a form of mantra – mantra without absolute direction. Use mantra instead, its more efficient – only then will God hear it and answer. The lines of contact are; Higherself (Godhead, True Energetic Self or Oversoul – all mean the same thing), Guide/s, God.

Q: You transport to different dimensions in your deep Meditation. Say for example you are curious to transport yourself and experience the Moon, or, how the planet Mars is …. then does your soul land there during Meditation, or you can experience the conditions as is with just one single thought etc since you merged in consciousness … SOHAM (I AM THAT?).

A: I can experience these things whilst being in the physical, I can mentally be in 1, 2 or 3 places at once etc. Meditation is no longer necessary. However, It took a lot of meditation in the past to get to this level of functionality.




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