Questions Relating to My Work and the Teachings of the Hindu Yogi’s – 5

This is a short series of questions from a reader relating to how my work relates to the teachings of the Hindu Yogi’s.

Q: Hindu scriptures depict inner worlds called Vaikunth (Lord Vishnu’s abode), Kailash (Lord Shiva’s abode) etc. Did your soul transport to these inner worlds in deep samadhi consciousness states?

A: My consciousness goes beyond. These abodes are frequential states where certain entities exist. They exist in these as a result of their evolutionary level. They are part of our Gods, our creators multiverse. See my other books, Beyond the Source Books 1&2 and later The Origin Speaks – due out in May/June this year (2015).

Q: As you are an Enlightened Master, and as God loves you from your conversations with Him and in writing “The History of God” what is the higher consciousness work that God assigned You ?

A: I am a simple and humble servant of the Source and The Origin. My task is to educate those who are ready to absorb higher and more complicated knowledge about what and who we are, as well as our role in existence. To go beyond the latest knowledge base, to provide a quantum leap. (definitely no ego here – its very hard work!).




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