Paramahansa Yogananda on War!

From talks and writings of Paramahansa Yogananda given around the time of World War II:
People will learn from this war the devastating consequences of the misuse of technology….After it is over, there will be so much fear of world devastation that if anybody tries to start a war, the rest of the world will fall upon that nation. I am telling you things far ahead of my time.
The world must become more and more spiritual for wars to diminish….Love, international brotherhood, peace, joy, sharing — these alone can bring peace to the world.
Resolve that you will love the world as your own nation, and that you will love your nation as you love your family. Through this understanding you will help to establish a world family on the indestructible foundation of wisdom.
Set a time apart each day to meditate on Him. When you commune with God, you shall feel toward everyone as toward your own. No one can ever make me feel he is not mine. All human beings are God’s children, and He is my Father.
The great ones are the models. Though their bodies were finite, they realized within that they were a part of the Infinite Ocean; that all individualized forms are the waves of the Cosmic Sea. In this world we circumscribe ourselves within a little family. When we love our neighbors, we become bigger. When we love our country, we become bigger still. When we love all nations, we become even bigger. And when we are one with God in the hereafter, or by deep meditation while we are still here in the body, we realize truly that the Ocean is the wave, and the wave is the Ocean.
Just beneath the shadows of this life is God’s wondrous Light. The universe is a vast temple of His presence. When you meditate, you will find doors opening to Him everywhere. When you have communion with Him, not all the ravages of the world can take away that Joy and Peace.


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