My Dear Wife, Anne Milner, Ascends 24 Dec 2012

Anne Milner1
To all my dear friends and incarnate souls. At 12:30am  on December 24th 2012 my dear wife, friend, companion, soul mate and fellow spiritual physicist,  ascended the need to continue her current incarnation.
We were married for almost 25 years and had shared many wonderful experiences together. None the least, we both shared the excitement we felt over the gradual, but accelerating, interest in my work, which was our work, work to help mankind’s evolutionary progression through the information I had started to channel from the Source Entity and the Origin.
She was very important and highly inspirational in this initial phase of the information being broadcast and was continuously enthusiastic about its importance.

In September 2003 Anne had a seizure, which was later diagnosed as being the result of a rather rare and diffuse brain tumor, a biopsy in January 2004 proving its morphology as being poly clonal, with one of the cell types being potentially aggressive. January 2007 saw a de-bulking operation removing a very large area of the tumor. Anne, in typical style undertook this operation fully conscious, only taking a local anesthetic. The surgeon was amazed at her resolve. Daily life progressed and the tumor was monitored via MRI scan on a regular basis, but unfortunately the tumor was insidious and Anne suffered a major seizure and relapse in May 2009. After 2 months she was fully recovered but needed regular chemotherapy. The chemotherapy continued for 18 months and during the Christmas/New Year of 2010/2011, Anne, feeling OK took a therapy break. This break lasted through 2011 until she suffered another relapse in late December. Recovering again she commenced therapy with a new series of drugs, one of which resulted in a reduction in liver function. This drug was removed from the regime during June 2012. Anne appeared to be OK though, and a scan in August showed some improvement.
However, just before and during the Ozark Mountain Publishing New Earth Cruise, where I was working together with Dolores Cannon, we noticed a few, but increasingly progressive signs that the tumor was having an influence again. The latest scan showed massive infestation of the area when the tumor was. It was a  complete and aggressive change to its function resulting in Anne relapsing on 27th November 2012 and spending 3 weeks in hospital. Although Anne initially responded to treatment she continued to relapse and on 18th December was admitted into a Hospice.
She finally lost the battle one half hour into Christmas Eve 2012 with me holding her hand.

Anne supported all of my “Traversing the Frequencies” workshops, travelling with me during my attendance at the Ozark Mountain Publishing Transformation conferences, the US tour and the New Earth Cruise. She has seen the work go from strength to strength and was both amazed and proud of the interest, whilst also providing essential support. She graduated as a Level 3 Student in November this year.

Over the years of our marriage we have traveled the world, had many wonderful experiences together and achieved much more than one can expect in a single lifetime. It is perhaps because of this that I feel that she had achieved that which she was destined to do, she had done her job, and now it was time to leave, allowing me to focus single-mindedly on the important work that we had both started.

I am eternally grateful for her love, help, support and advice, and bid her “adieu” until we meet again in the love of the Source.

My love is with her always.

Guy Steven Needler

25th December 2012


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  1. loloastreats says:

    Dear Guy, I just read your email….My heart is very heavy she is a great pioneer and a lovely human being. The sky has another bright star. I am deeply sorry for your loss. Ivonne

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    • Thank you. She will now help from the energetic.

    • Lenore Naidoo says:

      Dear Guy

      You are in my thoughts and prayers during this time of losing your beloved wife Ann.
      May you be strengthened guided and filled with love. Blessings, Light and Love. Lenore

      • Thank you Lenore. Your thoughts are very much appreciated.

        • mark brown says:

          Dearest Guy. While to many incarnate at this time it might seem innapropriate but I wish you a great 2013 Your teachings will become more widespread and along with Anne and OTHER higher entitys helping you I’m sure it will be. However aware in this form we are-something like this can take me from my lovely space and awareness-even though I understand I shouldn’t + you wouldn’t be Human if you didn’t have similiar emotions.We will meet this year and I look forwards to sharing space. Con tanto amore. Thinking of you and yours

          • Thank you Mark, yes we will meet and traverse the frequencies together.

          • mark brown says:

            Dearest Guy. Its in my dearest desires to meet you and traverse the frequencies together as many of my friends do now after introducing them to your work from they have been introduced to the cosmic knowledge you are imparting to the World. I love Dolores(as I love all) but have a particular affection for her which led me to you. I feel I must share this with you at this time even though you were possibly aware of it- when I learned of Annes passing over, even though I had never met her I thought of you and how as a spiritual leader in all ways you might feel to lose the Physical Anne + a huge burst of emotion and tears came upon me-i felt like I had experienced death close to me. Even right now as I type this I feel a heavy heart, but appreciate the years you had in this form. Con tanto amore

          • Thank you Mark, I am enthused with your sensitivity (energetic) you will go far spiritually. Guy  Best Regards,

            Guy Steven NeedlerAuthor and Pioneer in Spiritual Physics UKA General Secretary, website:

            Guy was a Guest Speaker at: The Ozark Mountain Publishing Transformation Conferences 2011/12 Rogers, Arkansas – USA and London – UK 2012. He also Worked with Dolores Cannon on the New Earth Mediterranean Cruise in October 2012. 

            (Click on the images to go to the websites)


            Milestone Cottage, Alcester Rd, Portway, Birmingham, B48 7HT, United Kingdom.

            Email: Tel : +44 (0)1564 822093 Mob : +44 (0)7876504321


  2. Margaret Standish says:

    I am thankful to have met you and Anne, and am so sorry for your loss. Prayers are with you. Margaret

  3. Eva says:

    Dear Guy, my thoughts and my heart are with you today. It is true, you had wonderful,
    happy life with darling Anne and this is the only thing which counts.
    And you are able to reach her in spirit now… until the day of meeting her again.
    Please accept my deep sorrow for your loss.

  4. Tom Monier says:

    Dear Guy,
    We are so very sorry for your loss and thank you for sharing this with us.
    Love and blessings,
    Tom & Lisa Monier

  5. acovid says:

    Dear Guy, please accept my sincere condolences at the loss of your wife in this lifetime. Anne was such a dear soul in this incarnation and continues to be where she is now. I am sure she is fine now, looking at you and supporting you from above.

    Namaste dear Anne and Guy, [?] Aco

  6. Jodi-Beth Felton says:

    Dear Guy,
    I have just found your work through an interview with Delores and it is impacting my life. I am sorry to hear of the “loss” of your beloved and best friend. I believe she has just transformed into non-physical and has even more access to you now. I am happy she is not suffering any more with her physical body with her illness but I know it is hard not to miss her and grieve the loss of her physical form. I believe she has merged back with her larger Higher Self and I believe from that vantage point she will be even more helpful to you in continuing your sacred work you began together. Thank-you and my prayers are with you and your family and friends at this time.
    Sincerely, Jodi-Beth Felton

  7. Erik says:

    Dear Guy,

    All our love, light and respect to you and Anne. It’s an honor to have you share your life, your experiences with us. It is taken, received with the highest love. In our thoughts and our prayers we wish you peace.

    Erik, Careen, Orion.

  8. Jy says:

    I’m so sorry to hear about your loss, Guy. You are in inspiration to those who feel they have lost all when they have lost their incarnate soul mate — not to belittle it in any way — my thoughts are with you through any difficult times ahead. Peace, Jy

  9. Peter Kelly says:

    Thank you for sharing Guy, it was a pleasure to know Ann, such an endearing lady. Meeting Ann & sharing chakra energies on part one of traversing the frequencies was an inspiration. She confirmed that she felt a healing energy from me which I’d been told about before & reaffirmed a belief in me. I am amazed & humbled to read about the years that Ann & you had to endure with Ann’s suffering,treatments & anxiety of outcome. Knowing that we are eternal brings some conciliation that she is in a better place although sadly missed.
    My heart,love, peace & light go out to you & all those close to you & Ann. God bless.

  10. Nina Trček says:

    Sharing my deepest sorrow, love and light with you. It was a great experience knowing Ann, beautiful angel.
    Warm hugs, you both are in my heart.

  11. Matjaž says:

    Dear Guy and Anne you both are exceptional souls! I’m very grateful for meeting you booth together and experienced your togetherness. Thank you for everything you both gave to everyone. It’s amazing and that amazingness will continue no matter that Anne is no longer here. This are hard times even we all know that we should be happy … Much light and love to both of you.

  12. Ravi and Jaya says:

    Dear Guy,

    Jaya and I read this and spent a few moments recalling our interaction with Anne during the cruise. Her beautiful smile stayed with us. We are sending love and light to her and you and we are sure that she will continue to be your companion in spirit. Gratitude for all the time spent with you both. Take care..Ravi and Jaya

  13. Cinnamon Crow Dixon says:


    My heart breaks both for you and for the world. We lost a bright Light on this side. You are in our thoughts and prayers.

    Cinnamon and Randall Dixon

  14. Peter Kelly says:

    Hi Guy, thank you for sharing. I was amazed meeting Ann for the first time at the part one course of traversing the frequencies in January 2012. A gentle & endearing human being. When we were feeling each others energies Ann mentioned the healing she felt from me & reaffirmed what I had been aware of & Ann helped me to continue on a healers path.
    The years of suffering, treatments & anxiety were obviously comforted by your love for each other. Knowing that Ann is at peace & with you evermore spiritually is very special although you know this the physical loss of someone still leaves an emptiness which will be filled.
    Love, light, peace & healing to you & those close. God bless.

  15. Gaby Szilagyi says:

    Dear Guy,
    I am so sorry for your loss. When 3 of us sit in the hotel and talked together in Rogers I saw your love each other and respect and made me so happy. She was so gentle, wonderful soul and I am honored to met with her! I know she is still helping us and now she has more opportunities. What made me cry is that she had to suffer soo much here on the Earth. I pray to the Source for her rest and for your important work what make her proud of you.
    My deepest respect:
    Gaby Szilagyi- your graduated student

  16. Mark Brown says:

    Dear Guy
    Although we know she is still around you, I feel for you at this time Guy. I am sending you healing from my heart. Much love & light

  17. mysterygirl says:

    Guy, I’m so sorry to hear this news. Although her passing will leave a void in your life, I I know that your faith and wisdom that there is no death will bring you comfort in the worst moments of grief. I will say a prayer for both of you now.

  18. Benoit ROEGIERS says:

    Guy ,

    I send an impulse of light from my soul so that you continue your life according to the Norm of the Creator and I choice to believe that Anne is still there with us for all times. It was a honour to know Anne in my life. She had passion , love and joy for your work and your evolution. She will always stay for me a beautiful mind and a beautiful soul. Benoit

  19. Glenys hyland says:

    I don’t know how to offer you comfort in a way that would be beneficial to you, so I won’t try. I do need to say though that I am very very sad that Anne is no longer with us in body. She was the very sweetest and best of human beings and the world is a poorer place without her. I enjoyed her presence every time we met.

    Love and light
    Glenys Hyland (aikido ren shin kan)

  20. jrrainauthor says:

    My thoughts are with you, my friend.

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