Music and Energy

Dear Souls,

Below is a question from one of my readers on the subject of ‘Music and its relationship to Energy.’

Q:  Can you ask about why music helps us increase our frequency level? What is the importance of lyrics versus rhythms versus instruments that are related to the composition of the music? What is the effect of just listening versus singing with the music? And, what about mantras? Are some mantras more useful than others and if useful what is a good example?

SE: Music is a function of frequency and frequency is a function of energy. Music is therefore a powerful way to create a response, either high or low frequency, from those who are exposed to it. Lyrics are a way to direct the frequential response of the listener in a desired direction. Singing to a rhythm is a way of sympathetically aligning yourself to the frequencies of the rhythm and subsequently gain energy. The instruments themselves are largely irrelevant in terms of which is best, although each specialize in creating a specific frequential response. They are best chosen in accordance with what the composer has in mind rhythm wise and the mood and energy he is trying to create.

Clearly, the more “Up Beat” a rhythm the higher the frequency and the higher the frequential response of the listener.The more “Low Beat” a rhythm the lower the frequency and the lower the frequential response of the listener. You are attracted to both high and low frequencies and will think and act accordingly. Just look at how “Up Beat” music is used in advertisement!

Mantras are a tool used to focus the consciousness on meditation – on establishing communion with your True Energetic Self and your creator – me. They are also used to rigidly cement your intention into creating a desired outcome. A useful mantra would be the repetition of the word ‘Om’. The sound of Om is the resonant frequency of the multiverse so repeating it as; oooooooOMmmmmmmm, oooooooOMmmmmmmm, oooooooOMmmmmmmm etc etc aligns your frequencies to that of the multiverse. Another good meditative mantra that focuses you on communion with your creator, me is; I am one with my creator, my creator is one with me, I am my creator, I am one with my creator, my creator is one with me, I am my creator etc etc.

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  1. Verona Thompson says:

    This is interesting information. Thank you

  2. kipwoods says:

    Excellent. Thanks Namaste

  3. Thank you for this fascinating information on music and the mantras, too. Music has incredible effects on us – see: “Surprising Effects Of Music” at

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