Mass and Individual Karma

Dear Souls,

Below is a question from one of my readers on Mass Karma.

Q: When you talked about Mass Karma related to conspiracy theories, can you talk about how this Karma is worked off? Does this Karma also influence the creation of mass event spaces? How is this karma different than individual Karma?

SE: Participation in ‘Mass Gossip,’ such as conspiracy theory, creates a collective consciousness which creates ‘Mass Karma.’ An aspect (or share) of Mass Karma is always taken on board by a participating individual as a result.

Mass Karma can only be worked off by recognizing ones attraction to such gossip and actively deciding to not engage with those who perpetrate the opportunity to talk about subjects that they neither know the truth about, or, are able to change. It is difficult to disassociate yourself from this type of Karma because of the addictive qualities and the feeling of  camaraderie that goes with being in a group, a collective of like minded souls, and the associated level of communion experienced.

The function of many individuals communing in one area of focus in this way also creates a specialized Event Space that is specific to the individuals and their subject of addiction.

Mass Karma requires all affected by it to be clear of its addictive qualities before the others affected, even though individually clear, can be relieved of its frequential affect. Individual Karma is accrued and dealt with individually and is not affected by Mass Karma or the Mass Karmic content accrued by the individual themselves because they have a specific signature, a different level of attraction.


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  2. Chris says:

    Another astonishing example of a reply that answers on many levels! At first glance, it just gives a general reply. Then it seems to answer directly to the questioner, then to your own internal questions, and somewhere else, to what you need to do to both answer it and further your own knowledge! This sort of deep knowledge is referred to in the Sufi Teaching Modes, but rarely seen. Thankyou Guy. This is a Great and rare Priviledge.

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