Links to Videos on the Ascension Process, Fear, Triangulation and a Metaconcert based Meditation

Dear Souls,

Please find below some links to some of my lectures on the Ascension, Fear, Triangulation and a Meditation. The lectures were presented in a friends house where a regular Satsanga is held. I was asked to lecture for the day. I thank the host for their time and dedication to the cause.

Please note some of these videos may have some synchronization issues. 

Understanding the Ascension Process inc Q&A part 1

 Understanding the Ascension Process inc Q&A part 2

Understanding Fear and Triangulation Part 1

Understanding Fear and Triangulation Part 2

Meditation to Achieve Metaconcert – Collective Synergetic Meditative Communion




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  1. Mark Brown says:

    Wonderful stuff Guy, the definitive definition of the ascension process. What is the percentage of “back filler” population on Earth approximately? Keep up your work, its invaluable

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