Links to my Videos from the Ozark MTP Transformation Conference Springdale, Arkansas July 2013

These videos were taken from the Ozark Mountain Publishing Transformation Conference held in Springdale Arkansas July 2013.

Back Drop and Back Fill People – Dolores Cannon & Guy Steven Needler

Dolores Cannon was presenting her information on The “Back Drop” people and was intrigued about the information I had discussed with her on “Back Fill” people and so invited me to talk with her on this subject, which actually is two different subjects.

Ozark MTP Transformation Conference 2013 Q&A with Guy Steven Needler, Dolores & Julia Cannon

Dolores & Julia Cannon and myself were a three way panel to answer questions about the subjects we had presented over the Transformation Conference.

My presentation on the Ascension Process, My History and Q&A

In this video I give my first presentation on the Ascension Process, which is based upon what I Channelled from the Source Entity on what really happened around the ascension date. I then talk about my history and have a Q&A session at the end.


4 Responses

  1. Mark Brown says:

    Thanks very much for uploading these videos Guy, these transformation events look great learning and fun.I am sure many people will find these videos enlightening no pun intended.Love + Light

  2. Do the back fill people have a “soul” or a “spirit”? Do they operate with only the lower 3 chakras? Are they what other authors have termed “organic portals” or “soulless humans” or “spiritless humans”? Are they extensions of a group/hive soul, and therefore lack individualized consciousness? Do they have free will and do they accrue karma? How do they differ energetically from a clone or artificial humanoid or human simulacra? That’s a lot of questions, but I know you always seem to get the answers one way or another. THANKS!

    • Hi Ulla,

      Sorry for the Late reply.

      Back fill people have an individual soul but they are normally aligned to a collective when incarnate.

      Outside of the Earth Sphere they have collective will, rather than individualized free will.

      Inside of the Earth Sphere they are exposed to individualized free will but are linked together collectively still and as a result tend to gravitate together.

      Biologically they are identical to normal human vehicles its just that they are un-experienced in incarnations with individualized free will they are outside of Karma because they will not be needed for long. A clone is just another human vehicle, a soul can still elect to occupy it.

      I hope this helps.



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