Joining the World Satsanga SKYPE Conference – Setting Up SKYPE

Hi everyone,

For those interested in joining the SKYPE based World Satsanga but either don’t have SKYPE installed or are struggling to use it the links below (in order of excellence and ease of presentation of how to set –up SKYPE ) explain and walk you through setting up and inviting contacts.

When you have a SKYPE account let me know your SKYPE name. I will then send you an invitation to become part of my address book. You receive this request on SKYPE and will need to accept. Once I have received confirmation of your acceptance I will add you to the World Satsanga Conference call.

On the 31st March 10.00pm British Summer Time I will initiate the call to you all. You will need to have SKYPE set –up and turned “ON” on your PC/Mac before hand and accept the call when it comes in.

Click on the green “video call” button and we should be able to see us all!

Don’t worry about mistakes, I expect a few.

Stay Light.



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