Is the 5th Dimension the 5th Dimension

Question yourself; If we exist on the 3rd Dimension, and we are ascending to the 5th Dimension, what happened to the 4th Dimension. We are often told that “Time” is the 4th Dimension but if time does not exist except in the minds of men then the 4th Dimension does not exist. So if the 4th Dimension does not exist how can the 5th Dimension truly be the 5th Dimension.


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  1. Timothy Tang says:

    No clue. What does the Source say about this? How does the Source describe the 5th dimension?

    • The 5th dimension is a higher level of multiversal structure well above what mankind thinks of as dimensions. In my understanding what mankind thinks are dimensions are actually frequencies within the first dimension, each frequency allowing additional content to be manifest in the same space. The physical universe has 12 frequencies to create it, what we see is but 3 of these (at best) so the universe is not full of emptiness and a few stars and galaxies, it is totally full. I hope this helps, Guy

      • Timothy Tang says:

        I guess this mean that if the planet and some people are truly ready to ascend to the true “5th dimension”, it means that they have to ‘retire’ from the material plane into the non-material plane.

        • When our work with the physical form has reached the point where it is nominally in the 12th frequency we can elect to stop incarnating or incarnate in the very fine energies associated with the 13th and 14 frequencies. after these, from the 15th and above we cannot incarnate. I hope this helps. Blessings Guy

  2. What an interesting thought. If there is no fifth then there is no forth ! ?. Is it not humanity that also creates or needs numbers to explain how things work in the higher frequency.Mo

  3. Mary says:

    Or is it that after the “third”, then it’s just open from then on? It’s just our human system to put names on drawers for differentiation?

    • The third dimension is a higher form of multiversal structure well above what mankind thinks dimensions are. We exist in frequencies which are linked into sub dimensional components and full dimensions. What mankind thinks are dimensions are actually frequencies. the physical universe has 12 frequencies to construct it, each of them supporting more content, what we see is but 3 of these frequencies, at best. I hope this helps Guy

    • We do put names on draws for differentiation, its just that if they are put there by so called experts they tend to be taken as the fact of the matter making it harder for us to move away from that thought process. Mankind will ultimately find out that a dimension is a much higher piece of multiversal structure than it currently thinks it is. Blessings Guy

  4. Charles says:

    This is very stimulating as the questions itself is somehow self-misleading by it’s definition, bacause what we normally take as dimensions are actually frequencies within a dimension. In that case, is another dimension means another set of “world”? 🙂

  5. Charles says:

    For the ease of discussion, we are going to start from the conventional space-time continuum, and stick to the mainstream definition of dimensions (“D”) for a moment, where 3“D” made up the space and 4th “D” would be “time”.

    Also, we let us put other “real dimensions”/universes aside.

    However, should we move a tiny step towards greater reality, or say moving one story upward to see clearer at our incarnated life, we will see that “time” (or life) is something more than a single stream as in a space-time continuum.

    Reality is, we have created different scenarios (alternated event spaces) during our incarnation, thus, rendered time/life of oneself looks more like pipe line with different branches, where some leads to different “destination”, some joint together later, and some lead to nowhere and one is deemed to return to the point of separation. Not to mention that should we try to put all our real counterparts in life in one picture, the actual structure is definitely something so convoluted that would be rather difficult to be described in words.

    With this in mind, one should be able to agree that just by introducing “time” as the 4th “D”/factor, it is not sufficient to point out where we “are” in our incarnated life in physical world on earth (notwithstanding that time is something relative rather than absolute in nature). In other words, one can say that time is not a real or standalone component, and should one would like to treat “time” as 4th “D”/factor, then at least another factor (5th “D”) will be needed to be brought in to make a complete set of indicator, in order to “function”.

    Ha ha, just one of many way to see this question from a very earthly point of view 🙂

  6. Charles says:

    Testing. I have posted two comments on 5th dimension some hours ago but couldn’t find here 🙁

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