Is the 5th Dimension the 5th Dimension – Pt 2

Question yourself: Is the notion that the 4th Dimension, as time, which does not exist, a thought form for us to use, to work out the real structure of the multiverse – that it is there to question our current understanding, which we know is flawed. Because we all, as spiritual people, accept that time doesn’t exist and then we blindly accept it as multiversal structure anyway. Is it not a prompt for us to look for a more robust solution?


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  1. Timothy Tang says:

    I have a feeling that the real 5th dimension is that place on the spirit realm where the spirit guides and the souls get to look at the past and future events.

    If the energy of a material body belongs to a current space and moment in time, then would a soul who still has a body be attached to that space and moment in time and not be able to move past it unless it gives up the attachment to such material body?

    • The Akashic is everywhere and not particularly assigned to one dimensional level. The soul (aspect of our True Energetic Self) is attached to the material body, but the consciousness can still move throughout the frequencies of the multiverse.

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