Focused Observation is Meditation – it is the way of seeing and communing with God in everything

In our rush to fulfill our commitments, pay our bills and get from one place to another we don’t give ourselves the time to stop and appreciate that which is all around us. We see our environment with blind unappreciative eyes, the environment we exist within being, in ‘Our’ actuality, a hindrance to our ability to progress in our rushing around. But in rushing we miss a vital clue as to what our environment really is and therefore its true beauty.

Everything we observe and are has been created by our Source Entity our God. Everything has been created to help it evolve, and the methods chosen by God to ensure its evolution includes our creation and the creation of the environment we incarnate into. Everything is God, within God. It is beautiful to behold it in action, it is God in action.

Meditation is a form of concentration. True meditation is concentrating on communion with our Source Entity, our Creator, our God. Stopping and looking at everything around us, ‘Really’ looking, observing and simply appreciating without responding to external distraction, or experiencing internally created distracting thoughts, is communion with our environment and is therefore meditation on God.

Focused observation is meditation on our environment. It is the one way of seeing the true beauty in everything, and in the process we recognize that everything around us is God and that we are communing with God.


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  1. nina says:

    Just came back from the woods with my dogs with big connection, like I’m beeing transformator to higher frekfensies of the nature, beautiful coulors of nature. Breathing with threes. Namaste.<3

  2. Verona Thompson says:

    Thanks, Guy, this is helpful. I left a comment but messed up on my email address so I think it disappeared. I wondered what God expects of us in meditation. I expect God wants us to feel fulfilled in any way that needs to happen. Verona

  3. ou812vanhalen says:

    Hi Guy, thanks again for another wonderful message. I look forward to the time (it is coming) when more of us are in tune with our creator and religion is no longer something wars are fought over but a path that brings us closer to God. Blessings for you and your loved ones.

  4. Ellen & Paul says:

    I was very glad to see another post from you. I don’t know about the rest of the audience, but I anticipate each one eagerly. By the way, we have been blown away with the second Source book that you have written. I keep thinking that I will start over from the beginning and reread all three books again now that we are traversing the frequencies.

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