Everything We Sense Is based Upon A Frequency

There is no difference in Kinesthetic, Olfactory, Smell, Audio or Visual information, it is all frequency, but it is at different bandwidths.

Everything is energetic in the greater reality and even in the physical we work with the energetic. Although we have myriad energetic sensory systems when we are energetic we have only 5 physical sensory organs when incarnate.

Each of the physical senses work with different bandwidths. They start with the lowest frequency bandwidth they can work with and finishing with the highest. The lowest being kinesthetic or touch, the highest being visual or sight.

Where one sensory bandwidth ends, one starts and in this way we gain the ability to sense the total frequency bandwidth of all 5 senses simultaneously (if we are fortunate enough to have access to them all).

In this way one can make the leap of faith from belief to knowledge, knowing that the physical is no different to the energetic becasue it is actually a set of lower frequency aspects of the greater reality.


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  1. David. says:

    I know what you mean, i can feel it in my hands and body, depending on the situation. In the beginning, when I would feel it, I tried to understand if it was something I said, or a thought that triggered it. Now I look around, and most of the time it’s something or someone else that I’m feeling. We truely are all connected.

  2. acovid says:

    Guy, this is sooo relevant for so many people. Do you mind if I quote it on my Facebook page and add a link to your web site? This way it will reach wider audience.

    And one more thing: what kind of questions do you accept on the World Satsanga – can they be personal as well? I find it a pity that no one asks questions at the end, when there is a chance for it. What I mean by ‘personal question’ is this for example:

    Is it good for me to practice regularly and often physical exercises in the gym? I am doing it since 5 months ago and feel really great since then, however this is delving deeper into the physical after all, thus perhaps it is lowering my vibration rather then increasing it? My feeling tell me this is good for me, my mind says no…. Normally I trust my feelings over my mind.

    Kinds regards, Aco

    Kind regards, Aco

    • Hi Aco, Yes please pass it on (quote me though :-))
      Yes please ask questions in the Satsanga.
      Exercise is very energizing so long as it is not addictive. Use it for helping the physical body and not being addicted to the endorphins in the brain and/or the need to look good. Blessings Guy.

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