Dates for Spiritual Events

A note from the Source Entity on Dates for Spiritual Events.

SE: Dates are a great misnomer as they confuse when nothing discernible happens that can be attributable to the date. They can however, be used as a milestone to indicate that you (collectively) should have reached a certain level of frequency.

Know that YOU ARE ascending through the frequencies at a sustainable and robust pace, one that will allow minor set-backs without affecting the overall process of ascension. The knife edge ascension that most spiritualists desire is not optimal, nor is it sustainable because it is just as easy to descend as it is to ascend the frequencies. With a big jump the drop can be just as big.

4 Responses

  1. Eva says:

    Thank you for this! Namaste

  2. Mary says:

    Things can occur concurrently in our 4D environment and not linear, that’s why there is no time and date as such. Is that right? We ascend in a spiral movement much like what we see in the charts of stock exchange? The downsides are the set backs?

    For your correction please.

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