Be Careful of what you Abhore about Another

When we look at another and show distaste or harbor thoughts of dislike, we should look at what is distasteful about ourselves that is reflected in the person we are observing. It is always that which we find difficult to reconcile within our own physicality or mental behavior that is the most difficult to accept in others.

When incarnate we are sub-consciously helping each other overcome certain limitations whilst in the low frequencies of the physical, augmenting our success in accruing evolutionary content in the process. In order to facilitate this we take on-board the aspects of others, who we are sub-consciously working with, that they need to work on in incarnate existence, removing karmic links and accelerating their evolutionary progression.

Although this works the other way around as well it is difficult to relate to because our “prejudice” of that which we dislike gets in the way. The enlightened individual can see beyond this and automatically sees the opportunity for evolutionary progression, deals with it, and moves on in the process. Most of us though, harbor these distastes and get dragged down the frequencies as a result, allowing the function behind the distaste to grow,  clouding our spiritual vision, making us miss our opportunity for successfully working out our issues.

So next time you show distaste in that which another does, stand back a moment and try to relate to what it is about them that you hate about yourself. Then work through it, forgive yourself and progress from an evolutionary perspective.


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  1. maria goretti says:

    Yes that’s right, we need to look at ourselves to find out why or what it is we hate about others. One of my favorite songs says it starts with the Man in the Mirror by Michael Jackson and in the bible God says to get your house in order. I believe it means the same thing because it starts with you. Thanks Guy. Blessings.

  2. Eva says:

    But what about, when we see somebody torturing an animal or even a child, an adult… and it disturbs us very much? I would never be able to do the same, I am sure.
    In one reading with spiritual masters I was told, when we see something like that, the purpose is to rise the compassion in human. What do you think, Guy? Thank you.

    • Excellent question. In some dark deep location in the personality, or previous incarnation there may have been the possibility of being able to commit such an act, even if it is impossible in this life, the feeling of abhorrence is a reminder of our possible opportunity for failure. Raising the compassion in those around us and ourselves is an excellent antidote. Blessings Guy

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