Avoiding Karma Revisited – 68

Creating self-generated karma is like shooting oneself in the foot from an evolutionary perspective. Self-generated karma, in essence, encompasses everything that is identified in this guide. However, although large amounts of karma are a result of being “drawn into” various different situations by others, that result in low frequency activity, such as gossip, blame, crime etc., one can also create karma whilst in a totally isolated position in both location and interaction with others. Self-generated karma is therefore karma created by the attraction and intoxication of low frequency thoughts, activity and habit. This happens when one is in a state of boredom and is created by the ego’s need to maintain control of the so-called conscious self. In this instance the antidote is to use the time available that results in boredom to meditate on “just being” or contacting ones creator – God, thereby using spare time in a most productive way.

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