Avoiding Karma Revisited – 58

Ignoring the needs of one’s siblings or children in terms of providing love, care and wisdom is similar to ignoring one’s “self” in this respect. Moreover, in terms of providing a spiritual education when one’s children or younger siblings are at their most impressionable, it is tantamount to actively “denying” the child the opportunity to receive an opportunity to better themselves at the start of their lives, allowing the youngster in question to drift into “habits” within the material world that result in the accumulation of the lower frequencies associated with Karma.

Do not force such teachings, but rather teach by example. A child that is surrounded by individuals of “good” spiritual habits will naturally accrue these habits, allowing them to survive being exposed to bad habits and maintain their “good” habits. However, a child surrounded by individuals of “bad” habits will generally not be affected by exposure to “good” habits because of the intoxicating effect of those lower frequency “bad” habits.

Ignoring the opportunity to provide a child a spiritual education, with it gaining good habits by you being the good example of how to live & exist in the material world, is therefore a double edged Karmic sword. If one effectively exposes the child or sibling/s to intoxicating low frequencies, or Karma, resulting from the promotion of, or non-correction of, “bad” habits, one also exposes oneself to lower frequency thought processes by not caring or loving them enough, ultimately creating Karma for oneself as well – which is not wise.

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